Friday, November 30, 2007

Visual aids for previous post

Here are the pictures as promised but a little jumbled. You can see lovely Magdalena, the ghost town of Kelly, making art and poor Jimmy who had to eat off of tools since we had taken every available space in their house to make that art! Also included in the slide show are some of the pictures from the Recycle Show and if you want to see the slide show of the fashion show, go to Paula's blog and see our own Donna Barnitz's winning entry! Back soon my lovelies, enjoy!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where I've been

My darling son just informed me that it has been 3 weeks since I blogged anything. And since you know that my greatest fear is being boring, I want you to know that this isn't the most interesting list of places and things! You've been warning, read on at your peril and prepare to be bored. Here is the update of where I have been (without pictures, they are on another computer). Today, we ate too much turkey and some really good pumpkin chiffon cheescake - yum. Last weekend I went with friends to the Recycle Show in Santa Fe. A fabulous (sorry Dave) experience with some of the most wonderful artists using at least 70% recycled things, objects, junk. My lovely friends Laurie and Judith both had booths, follow the links to see their blogs. Leighana Light and Kim Logan were there and ArtStreet. I bought cool things and the best deal of the day was the Polaroid, close up camera I bought at a garage sale on the way up for a buck! Score!!!
I have been to Magdalena on quite an a adventure. I went to help my lovely friend Laurie (see above) get ready for her first show. I had a grand time, not just working as a production worker but some of the best junk runs ever. I really channeled Michael deMeng and picked up some really great things. Had so much purple glass in the pocket of my jeans that I had to hold them (the pockets) to walk up hill. Laurie teased that I could make signs that said "will work for junk runs" Could be a future for me...but will everyone I work for make me lattes and tea fluffs? Could be a deal breaker. Thanks Laurie for taking such good care of me.
I can't remember much more than soldering, soldering and more soldering. I keep thinking I need to have 50 new pieces for each show, now that's pressure!
And here is what I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving Day:
Colder weather, finally!
Katie's delight at being let out of baby jail (that gate to the kitchen that's kept her out of the action for far too long)
Grown up kid that's nice and kind to others and polite and can carry on a conversation with any one!
My circle of friends that continues to grow. I thought for so long that I couldn't have any friends that didn't know Donnie, but to all those who have included me and love me, thanks!
Feeling the call of art and being able to pursue it these last few months. Other choices are in the future, but now it's fulfilling and wonderful.
Knowing that my past is not my future. That I can make different choices and at any moment I can begin a new future.
So my lovelies, this should satisfy my son and make me feel connected again. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not Dead

Sorry I haven't been hanging around in Bloglandia these days, I am really busy getting ready for shows. We had our first trunk show on Sunday and it was great fun. Good food, excellent company and the time flew by. Chami's house is amazing and we had a nice turn out. The next one is the first Sunday in December at Regina's house but between now and then, there is a 3rd Friday show at the Factory on Fifth and the big one...the ASUNM show at the ballroom at UNM. Whew, makes me tired just listing them. Be back later with photos and details.