Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Altered Pogo prints and...

This is a triple exposure...I've been playing and playing and keep meaning to share so here goes...I just kept running this one other techniques..of course the flash is from my crappy photography the kitchen...under the light on the stove!
This is the transfer...I left it in the water too long (30 minutes) and lost the yellow layer time I'm gonna pull it out at about 20 minutes and see what I can use.
This is "just" a double exposure and while I think it is really cool...I'm more partial to the triple and more school of exposures!
I printed the photo onto a receipt from was light blue and I think that is why the image is so light...the blue on the side is from hitting it with a heat gun for a couple of seconds...isn't it interesting that it is the cyan that comes through so turns dark purple first and then when it's just the blue. hum...
Okay, every time I try to turn this the other disappears so pretend you can tell it is the virgin in the tree photo...I sanded the paper in one direction a couple of times and then printed. The magenta really comes through.
And... then here is the moon this morning...what? ya thought I could go a day without a moon photo? really? have you met me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning

5:15 am

6:15 am

6:45 am

7:15 am

8:15 am

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Six Senses Sunday - the New Mexico edition

Taste: good food in the company of saints! This picture really cracks me up because it felt like we were eating in a dungeon...we didn't even know there was a window!

See: incredible beauty on the way to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu and this morning I happen to catch the PBS series Landscapes of Enchantment that followed 9 artists from that area and how and why they paint. It is an amazing show and worth checking out.

Feel: great joy and appreciation that I live in NM... in spite of the wind!

Hear: that incredible whirring that accompanies the swift arrival of hummingbirds
Touch: those horrible goat heads that leap and grab on with great tenacity...those suckers are hard to pull off and yesterday, they drew blood!
Smell: green chili roasting...a sure sign that it's almost of my favorite times of year.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bus Stop Logic

This is the magic bus stop that I wait at each and every morning...I've learned a lot from being here bright and early every morning...but this morning...I learned about the most remarkable circular logic that is sooooo persistant at the magic bus stop...learn with me here.

Several men were sitting around under the magic sign this morning. One was doing a kind of dance between the curb, sidewalk and the bench with a few twirls, twists and turns in between...ya know what I mean? And he was talking to a gentle soul sitting there after quite the morning visit with Jim B or maybe it was with Johnny W...anyway this is the conversation as I can remember it:
Man Up: so, yeah I just got out of jail....after 2 whole years of my life...
Man Down: what were you in for?
Man Up: well, I spent 2 years for taking 3 bags of shrimp...$36 dollars...they took 2 years of my life man...2 whole years for $36 worth of shrimp.
Man Down: didn't you tell them you were starving?
Man Up: well, they said one bag would be if I were starving...3 bags was a party...I just took 3 bags of shrimp.
Man Down: so they arrested you because it was 3 bags? they would have let you have one bag if you were hungry?
Man Up: I guess, maybe? But 3 bags is a party I guess...
Man Down: So really you went to jail just because they thought you were trying to make people happy?
Man Up: Dude...that's deep...
And off he twirled and skipped...with a whole new perspective on his time in the slammer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moons, moonflowers and shrines

Grace in small things:
1. Rain!
2. How quickly a virgin and a bathtub can become a shrine
3. Rain!
4. Home grown tomatoes
5. Rain!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Six Senses Sunday #5

This kinda sums up my week...wonder that is a little tangled up

these..the most amazing vine ripened current I didn't eat them together, the chocolate is just for size comparison! But I did eat them like candy until my mouth broke I have no self control!
Basil! basil! basil! in capri salad, on sandwiches instead of lettuce, sauteed with chard - really delish!! and I even dumped some finely chopped into ketchup with a little balsamic vinegar and discovered a new taste treat sensation!

wonderful things since the rains came...this moonflower is on a bush (vine?) the size of my living room...everything is so glad to have moisture that it is leaping and jumping off the ground and blooming like crazy! I love it and I love the rain and I love seeing the rain fall down and when I am inside, the lightening in the sky.

grateful I paid attention to recommendations and started reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog...I love it!
a longing to live someplace that the rain comes more frequently but that I wouldn't have to wear socks regularly...asking too much?
delight at connecting with an old friend and then a little hesitation knowing we had so little left in common, except our history

the thunder and the great great booming echos of it... this has been a great week for weathermen (persons?) and not the Eldridge Cleaver wait, he was a Black Panther. Did I ever tell you that I had my picture taken with him once in Chicago?
The Beatles! my favorite was the concert at the White House for Paul McCartney's award and seeing Stevie Wonder sing along as Paul and others sang all the old favorites. Barack sang along as Paul sang was so sweet.

water...rain in the air, puddles with leaves swirling, the hint of moisture and then boom! it's raining...tomato and basil on my hands from the picking...makes me miss my dad

rain soaked earth under my feet, wet toes from walking through puddles and across wet lawns...the change in texture in my hair from the moisture...the way my sheets feel when it's moist...peach fuzz and the smooth skin of nectarines and plums...

And have you been? Sorry I've been gone so long, I've missed our little talks!