Sunday, August 1, 2010

Six Senses Sunday #5

This kinda sums up my week...wonder that is a little tangled up

these..the most amazing vine ripened current I didn't eat them together, the chocolate is just for size comparison! But I did eat them like candy until my mouth broke I have no self control!
Basil! basil! basil! in capri salad, on sandwiches instead of lettuce, sauteed with chard - really delish!! and I even dumped some finely chopped into ketchup with a little balsamic vinegar and discovered a new taste treat sensation!

wonderful things since the rains came...this moonflower is on a bush (vine?) the size of my living room...everything is so glad to have moisture that it is leaping and jumping off the ground and blooming like crazy! I love it and I love the rain and I love seeing the rain fall down and when I am inside, the lightening in the sky.

grateful I paid attention to recommendations and started reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog...I love it!
a longing to live someplace that the rain comes more frequently but that I wouldn't have to wear socks regularly...asking too much?
delight at connecting with an old friend and then a little hesitation knowing we had so little left in common, except our history

the thunder and the great great booming echos of it... this has been a great week for weathermen (persons?) and not the Eldridge Cleaver wait, he was a Black Panther. Did I ever tell you that I had my picture taken with him once in Chicago?
The Beatles! my favorite was the concert at the White House for Paul McCartney's award and seeing Stevie Wonder sing along as Paul and others sang all the old favorites. Barack sang along as Paul sang was so sweet.

water...rain in the air, puddles with leaves swirling, the hint of moisture and then boom! it's raining...tomato and basil on my hands from the picking...makes me miss my dad

rain soaked earth under my feet, wet toes from walking through puddles and across wet lawns...the change in texture in my hair from the moisture...the way my sheets feel when it's moist...peach fuzz and the smooth skin of nectarines and plums...

And have you been? Sorry I've been gone so long, I've missed our little talks!

5 comments: said...

fabulous post with exceptional photos!!!

So glad to see you back. said...

The white flower is Sacred Datura...

m. heart said...

Love those dragonflies! btw, I've been wanting to email you but seem to have lost your email address - no rush, just some questions about the land of enchantment ; )

Parabolic Muse said...

Hey, I love that moonflower. Gorgeous! We have tomatoes just all over the plant right now, so we took some basil from the window pot and put mozzarella with those two and they were great!

I just got Elegance of the Hedgehog, and look forward to starting it!

Stephanie said...

a treat for every every sense.

here's to wide eyed reflection and appreciation of our imperfect little worlds.