Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Finally, a good picture

One of the few traditions left of our Christmas past is to go out late on Christmas Eve to see the lumanarias. Generally it's after the crowds and really quiet and peaceful. We go to our favorite places and then some new ones and always end up at a cemetery or 2. Yes, decorating graves with lumanarias is a big deal here, and Christmas trees, toys, lights, poinsettias and anything else you can think of to bring holiday cheer to the dead.
Every year, while my son waits (sometimes not) so patiently in the truck, I run around trying to get even one picture of the beauty and magic of the lights. This year as we were leaving the cemetery, I made one last attempt to capture the light and look what I got! Some loving soul had place a lumanaria on the Virgin's head, like a crown. I really, really like this image so you will probably all get tired of seeing it, but wowsers, it's good...for me and my little point and click camera!
I also experienced the generation gap with my son last night. His favorite was the house that is programed to a radio station and the lights change with the music. Quite the high tech wonder. Blinking light overload for me, bliss for him. Give me a paper bag , sand and a flickering candle any day.
Happy left overs day. And I am still on that light kick as well, so look for the light somewhere today and enjoy it.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Persistence of Light

Last Friday night I saw a most unusual sight. It was the Solstice, it was snowing, sleeting, and raining for about 10 minutes just at sundown and as I watched, I saw a most beautiful sunset, through the snow, sleet and rain. I was elated and puzzled. Don't think I've even seen a sunset in the snow. The almost full moon was visable that night as well in a cloudy, overcast sky. It made me stop and think....well something has to don't ya think? About light and how it always seem to get in. Even when I think I have the blinds closed tight, the full moon shines in. Even in the darkest sunglasses, some of the brightness shines in.
It seems to me that each holiday celebrated around this time of year, when the days are shortest, revolves around light. Or maybe I read that somewhere, anyway back to what I think... Stars, candles, menorahs in memory of a miraculous light, Kwanzaa candles celebrating community.... and I think I know why. So now you get to hear about my theory of the persistence of light, aren't you happy? Light is there to show us the path we are on, whether it is the right one or to show us where we have strayed, no matter how we resist it. Feel like I am in the dark? Wrong path. Can't seem to see what is right in front of me? Wrong path. Why is this so hard for me to learn? Must be bad lighting. And those people in my life that shine a spotlight on what I am doing right or wrong? Lighthouse keepers trying to keep me from crashing.
Sometimes I have to run out to see the full moon (like last night, isn't that a picture?) because I simply have to have that light right then. Not artificial light, not someone elses light, but the full scope of the natural light that illuminates the night and me. I am partial to the moon at any phase, but it's a glorious full moon right now. I take endless pictures of the full moon trying to hold on to that feeling.
I love Christmas lights and birthday candles and night lights and reading lamps and I think that is what drew me to the Land of Enchantment, that persistent light. Okay, I know first rocks and now light? I could blather on, but it's time to share my wishes for you all:
May you have the light you need
May the be able to see the light at the end of every tunnel and know that there is hope
May the sun shine brightly on your endeavors
May each full moon illuminate all of your good fortune and how many things brought you joy that month
May you feel the warmth in your soul that the light of your friends and family brings you each time you encounter them.
Good light to all and to all a good light!

PS: This photo is one more of my attempts to capture the rain

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bus Stop Art and Enlightenment

I ride the bus. I use to ride it everyday, now only every once in a while. Here, unlike most major cities, people ride the bus only if there isn't a chance in hell they can get somewhere by any other means possible. And why not, it isn't reliable, the buses usually smell, the drivers are always pissed off about something and the buses that are scheduled to run every 10 minutes have updates that say the next bus is due in 19 minutes. The city does great with bus stop art (this is part of a series of mosiacs) and making commercials, just not running buses. However, the biggest perk of riding the bus for me is that I come off of every ride feeling really good about myself and the choices I've made in my life. I should tell you that 2 of the buses I use to ride went to Methadone clinics so maybe my experience isn't typical.
Some days the conversations were soooo enlightening. Like the one about isn't "When did you get out?" the perfect start to any conversation? Could be rehab, could be jail but the salutation is always appropriate. Or the man who explained to me in great detail about his emotional "draggage". And I not only listened and believed his explanation of that draggage but now use the word quite frequently.
But today's was the best. Did you know that Lexus makes all their cars from recycled Coke bottles? No really, except for the top 1/8 or 1/16 (she couldn't remember which) it's all plastic. That's why when you kick them, they spider web. Hummm? She was so appalled about it, she is not even going to buy a Lexus! I did have to loan her the last nickle to get on the bus, but she isn't buying a Lexus, no sirree Bob. She is sticking to American made cars, like Volkswagen. Did I mention it's entertaining too?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Coolest Old Woman EVER!!

Yep that's me, as proclaimed by one of the other vendors at the UNM show. She immediately realized what she had said and tried to remove the old from the title but it was out there in the universe to stay. And I really didn't mind, sorta, well maybe just a little. Okay I grabbed her by the throat and made her take it back. But really, the rest of the title is pretty amazing coming from a college student. She was impressed that I had the only other combo skulls/virgins there. Not on the same art, but in the same booth.
It was really great fun to be back on campus, among the cleaver and talented. Selling things! It wasn't the best show but so much better than the state fair.

So here is what I scored at the show (by that I mean traded!!) a bowl of melted toy soldiers, a magnificently beaded pin with a plastic dragonfly on it, an Airstream ornament and truck made of aluminum cans (the tail gate says Classic!), a Jesus nightlight and 3 Einstein candles made special for me! From my young friend who thought I was soooo cool, skull earrings and a necklace with a Zia charm. There was such a variety and even some pet clothes, but they were hand made. My new friend said her daughter says that canine couture hurts dogs feelings because it tells them they aren't good enough as they are! My friend Laurence was there with his beautiful drawings and masks. Everything was really and truly hand made.
But boys and girls the biggest shock of all was Angry Hot Glass lady from the state fair!(if you don't know about the adventures of Angry Hot Glass Lady, see all my state fair posts over on Tara's blog in the September archives) Yes, just one booth over was our old angry friend. We heard various and sundry tales about her from others who had encountered her but the shocker of the century was that she runs a DAYCARE from her home!!!! Yikes! How can that be? Don't they check for things like uncontrolled anger and outbursts of Tai Chi (this time to the music at the show) or all around nastiness? Is she better with children? Double Yikes!! Another lovely lady came into our booth and started talking about how angry that woman was and proceeded to tell me all of the mean things she had done to a whole other context. Scary stuff, she talks to children, everyday. Does she teach them Tai Chi? Does she call them the things she calls people who don't buy from her? Keeps me up nights I tell you. But the show was fun and the college kids gave me great hope for the future.
Next, it's on to the 1st and 3rd Fridays at the Factory! Really like selling in places where people come expecting art. Like it even better when they find and but them some art. Come see, great stuff, good people, Factory on the Fifth, between Aspen and Haines in Albuquerque 6-11. Be there or be square...