Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bus Stop Art and Enlightenment

I ride the bus. I use to ride it everyday, now only every once in a while. Here, unlike most major cities, people ride the bus only if there isn't a chance in hell they can get somewhere by any other means possible. And why not, it isn't reliable, the buses usually smell, the drivers are always pissed off about something and the buses that are scheduled to run every 10 minutes have updates that say the next bus is due in 19 minutes. The city does great with bus stop art (this is part of a series of mosiacs) and making commercials, just not running buses. However, the biggest perk of riding the bus for me is that I come off of every ride feeling really good about myself and the choices I've made in my life. I should tell you that 2 of the buses I use to ride went to Methadone clinics so maybe my experience isn't typical.
Some days the conversations were soooo enlightening. Like the one about isn't "When did you get out?" the perfect start to any conversation? Could be rehab, could be jail but the salutation is always appropriate. Or the man who explained to me in great detail about his emotional "draggage". And I not only listened and believed his explanation of that draggage but now use the word quite frequently.
But today's was the best. Did you know that Lexus makes all their cars from recycled Coke bottles? No really, except for the top 1/8 or 1/16 (she couldn't remember which) it's all plastic. That's why when you kick them, they spider web. Hummm? She was so appalled about it, she is not even going to buy a Lexus! I did have to loan her the last nickle to get on the bus, but she isn't buying a Lexus, no sirree Bob. She is sticking to American made cars, like Volkswagen. Did I mention it's entertaining too?


Paula Scott said...

OMG, that is funny! How apropo that you post that image on today's date which is the Feast Day for OUr Lady of G.
I hope you continue with more of these bus ride conversations! It's rightin there with the State Fair!

Stephanie said...

Very, very enlightening!!

plasticpumpkin said...

And Ford makes all of their cars out of recycled coke can pop-tops. Really.

Did Ken ever tell you his story of the booger-eatin' bus ride? Ask him sometime.

Brilliant writing, btw.

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

I recognize that photo from a stop on San Mateo. Btw, Ryan has loads of "bus people" stories - ask him sometime!

paris parfait said...

That is very enlightening! That's the thing about riding a bus - you never know who/what might be along for the ride. Happy holidays to you and yours, Leau! xoxox