Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And so it goes

And so did she. This is the view from the window I have been staring at for 6 days. It's not the only one, I have been in several rooms but they are all at St Joseph's hospital in Denver. My sister was scary sick and now she has moved on. And next time, she won't have to be attached to tubes to breathe. And she won't struggle of get up and down and will be able to run like the wind...if she would want to. She won't have a shit head for an ex-husband. Next time smart, funny, bright women will get shine much earlier in life.
But her children can stay the same. They love her and have been there for her as she has transitioned. Their father is also in the hospital. Not that the youngest 3 care but it is a burden for the oldest child, and has caused much conflict that wasn't helpful during this time. Since he has enjoyed ill health for many years, much like our mother, he could have done this another time.
I am going to quit writing for today, but I felt it necessary to write this all down.
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