Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post 200, Let's get ready to ramble...

Can you believe it? 200? Not good at long term commitment so this is a big deal. Ya know what else is a big deal? I am now the parent of a 29 year old man. How can that be?
We celebrated with the best Shrimp Creole I made for Fat Tuesday. I made it from the same recipe I always use but somehow, this was the best. And these fabulous fruit tarts from the favorite desert place. And then with eggs Benedict and then... well you get the picture...
Wasn't this the most perfect sliver of a moon? We have had such a gray and cloudy sky all week long and I was delighted to have one long walk on the one clear almost perfect night and have this as my companion.
All of the holidays were celebrated...went to the Chinese Cultural Center to ring in the new year, these lovelies came to me on Valentine's day, I made yummy Shrimp Creole on Mardi Gras and for President's day, well, I shared their pictures all over town. Does that count as a celebration?
I've been collecting signs since last we spoke, love this old one but my very favorite was one that I was not allowed to photograph. It was behind the counter at a hand made letters it said: "Margret's 17th birthday is on February 21...that's right... still means 10-20 years" Apparently Margret's too grown up for her own good!
There's lots more to tell of what happened while I was breaking but it will have to will 6 senses Sunday...but I'm back in the online world and I've missed you all but have to tell you, I got an embarrassing number of things checked off that to-do list while not on line so now I am striving for what's the word??? Oh yeah, b a l a n c e... wish me luck!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Taking a little break...

from all things electronic...means Six Senses Sunday will be Six Senses Wednesday...oh well, never was good at directions...see ya

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Six Senses Sunday #3

* Signs of Spring!!! I was so excited to find this Winter Jasmine today. It definitely means that it will warm up soon and there will be sun again...I am just sure of it....right? You think so don't you? I will if you will...Spring has to be here soon...
* The sweet faces of friends from long ago that I don't see often enough
* The Winter part of the NOW exhibit at the Museum...really good, not as wonderful as the first part but still good. An amazing piece done by Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani done on masking gotta see it, nice piece by Kristen Diener and a gorgeous panoramic image of the Albuquerque Rail yards by Bill Tondreau. But my favorite was an installation by Jennifer Vasher called "the past is never dead and buried"...long ropes draped floor to ceiling over a fainting couch, garland after garland draped from floor to ceiling, garland after garland of...wait for it...aspirin and Tylenol!!! Threaded on waxed thread! It was so cool because it was such a surprise...
*AND!!! this!!! my very early birthday present!!! A Cynthia Cook original!! Isn't it fabulous? Photo by Elaine Russell
* Water sounded so fresh and I need fresh!
* An amazing harp concert just for us. One of my classmates in the Cynthia Cook class brought her harp on the last night and played for us. She even played the Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen that has been my theme song for days and days now... along with Here Comes the Sun...we are all desperate for sunshine these days
* Delish turkey, dressing, peas and salad at my friends home...followed by lava muffins! Have you ever tasted lava muffins? They are gooey and chocolaty and warm and yummy!
* Dulce de leche candy

* Delighted to have met and had a class with the wonderful Cynthia Cook.
* Frustrated and SAD that it has been gloomy and gray here for a month or more. I need the sun and sunshine and blue skies and typical New Mexico weather...

* Snow, rain, umbrellas, gloves, scarfs....I'm done already!
* Handmade paper that I am sorting out for a new project at work
* Glass, metal and sandpaper in class preparing to begin something...finally!

* Clothes strait out of the dryer
* Chocolate lava muffins!
* Turkey cooking

I love lists, I love making lists and I love sharing lists...hope you have a great week...make a list of what made it great and share it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

How I spent my evening...

I had this great post ready about my shiny new pink pogo printer to replace my old perfectly fine black pogo printer and how much more fun it is to print with the shiny pink pogo printer (yes I do have to say it just like that every time I say it...) but then....