Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bus Stop Logic

This is the magic bus stop that I wait at each and every morning...I've learned a lot from being here bright and early every morning...but this morning...I learned about the most remarkable circular logic that is sooooo persistant at the magic bus stop...learn with me here.

Several men were sitting around under the magic sign this morning. One was doing a kind of dance between the curb, sidewalk and the bench with a few twirls, twists and turns in between...ya know what I mean? And he was talking to a gentle soul sitting there after quite the morning visit with Jim B or maybe it was with Johnny W...anyway this is the conversation as I can remember it:
Man Up: so, yeah I just got out of jail....after 2 whole years of my life...
Man Down: what were you in for?
Man Up: well, I spent 2 years for taking 3 bags of shrimp...$36 dollars...they took 2 years of my life man...2 whole years for $36 worth of shrimp.
Man Down: didn't you tell them you were starving?
Man Up: well, they said one bag would be if I were starving...3 bags was a party...I just took 3 bags of shrimp.
Man Down: so they arrested you because it was 3 bags? they would have let you have one bag if you were hungry?
Man Up: I guess, maybe? But 3 bags is a party I guess...
Man Down: So really you went to jail just because they thought you were trying to make people happy?
Man Up: Dude...that's deep...
And off he twirled and skipped...with a whole new perspective on his time in the slammer!

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elaine said...

wow... that is awesome :)