Sunday, August 22, 2010

Six Senses Sunday - the New Mexico edition

Taste: good food in the company of saints! This picture really cracks me up because it felt like we were eating in a dungeon...we didn't even know there was a window!

See: incredible beauty on the way to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu and this morning I happen to catch the PBS series Landscapes of Enchantment that followed 9 artists from that area and how and why they paint. It is an amazing show and worth checking out.

Feel: great joy and appreciation that I live in NM... in spite of the wind!

Hear: that incredible whirring that accompanies the swift arrival of hummingbirds
Touch: those horrible goat heads that leap and grab on with great tenacity...those suckers are hard to pull off and yesterday, they drew blood!
Smell: green chili roasting...a sure sign that it's almost of my favorite times of year.


Stephanie said...

beautiful Leau! Did you stay at GR? Are the pics from there? I have never been and our retreat is getting really close!


Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, these photos are so cool. Don't you love that hummingbird?! How cool! Thanks for the photos; I really love this terrain.

elaine said...

glad you got to go... it looks awesome there :)