Sunday, January 27, 2008

I went to church with Raine today

Today was one of those great days. We went to the old Albuquerque Rail Yard...twice! Raine calls it her church and it is certainly is a spiritual experience. I actually teared up when we started into the big building. It's hard to describe how massive it is. It also got a bit weird when the number of homeless men kept growing. They were not scary exactly but more disturbing. They had dogs, that seemed like good dogs, but can you trust hungry dogs? I was supposed to be there as Raine's "big stick" but began to feel more like a mother hen, trying to keep all her chicks (Raine and Paula) in sight. Next time we are taking mellow man with us. We don't want confrontation, just a bigger stick than me!
We also went to the glass grave yard yesterday and it was the best visit ever. They have been cross cutting and so have disturbed lots of stashes of full bottles. Didn't take pictures but it was amazing. I'll get some photos this week so you can all be jealous.


Paula Scott said...

U R right...those paparazzi people on the slide show are distracting! But U know I wazznt scared...growing up w/ 4 brothers will make a tough scrap out of a person!
BTW, why do they do the crosscutting at the Glass Graveyard?

paris parfait said...

Those images are stunning! You've managed to make the mundane look unusual and artistic. Can't wait to see your other photos. xo

Stephanie said...

You're right! Rail in the air!!!

These images are amazing...and a sad fact that the numerous homeless are sheltered here. I'm not sure what the crosscutting thing is so am anxiously awaiting those pics!!


Stephanie said...

YOur photos have a much better effect when viewed using the view all section....just stunning!