Friday, July 31, 2009

Wanna be me?

Apparently someone does...
and apparently you can buy enormous amounts of stuff in Australia using numbers that don't belong you...
and even though on the same day, things are being purchased in Albuquerque (where all of the previous transactions have taken place) the bank thinks that it's okay to allow those Australian purchases...
even though they are many, many more dollars than have ever been available attached to those numbers!!!
And there was a fraud alert attached to those numbers for the last month...more drama that I would rather not deal with must be dealt you think all those "A" confused the bank? What a way to start the weekend!

Thank you for listening...
love the drama queen... trying desperately to give back that particular crown


m. heart said...

Oh God, you're kidding. What a nightmare, so sorry!

studioJudith said...

AAAaaaRghhh , indeed!
It just feels as if the entire world is run be a giant robot.

I must share a story from long ago:
another life ( in so MANY ways!)
I had purchased a boat in Florida and
put it on my AMEX ... . it was just a small boat and the ticket was about
$18,000.00. (I said it was another life .... .) . The next day I flew to NY and made a purchase at Tiffanys.
(It was a GOOD life ... .) with the same AMEX. The manager came over and requested I speak to the AMEX people on the phone - who , very politely, checked to see that I was the same person who was in Florida just yesterday.
Someone actually noticed what could
have been "suspicious" activity!!

Sad , how the world has changed.


moongipsies said...

I am sooooooooooooo sorry. What a nightmare.

Allegra Smith said...

Oh do I know this only too well.

BofA among others is either too smart for its own good or too dumb. Guess which? First a couple of years ago we were victims of Countrywide and then, without a word or an explanation they just changed my Visa and when I asked why they said they had reason to believe it was "compromised". By whom and/or how is still a mystery.

AMEX got a couple of big time purchases as well but the idiots bought some big ticket items from Microsoft (?!) and since I check on line all the time so I caught the whole thing. Again, AMEX won't say a word as to whom, they removed the charges but left me in the dark.

Since 1966 I have been a member you would think by now they would have figured out my spending habits...sigh. You have my unconditional support to declare the thieves scum of the Earth and wish the same waste of time and life on them as they have brought to you. It is not revenge, I called the balance sheet of the Divine Equalizer. Hugs from here. "A plague upon their houses". (Don't you love that
phrase? it makes me think that the Universe will take care of them without my incurring in any Karma debt)

Robert said...

Hey Leau....there is a flip side to just 3 days...that's right 3 count them...days...I not only won a new BMW 700 series...of my choice....they just need $2,000 to "Hold" it for me...until i get to London...which they are paying for...also I was the recipient of a small fortune out of Nigeria...just to run the money through my checking account...and last but not least...a company from China...contacted me and offered me 1.3 million dollars for just being me....I guess they thought I was really interesting....