Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In and out

And now for something entirely different! The show opens tomorrow, runs for 3 nights and I start a part time job on Saturday...I know, I know, when it rains jobs it pours!
And so like this busy bee in these fabulous morning glories, I will be darting in and out of bloglandia for a while.
I will be sure to post pics of the show, each and every piece from each artist is just lovely and they all go so well together.
I know you'll want to see them all and I will do my best but in the mean time...
I will be in and out.


studioJudith said...

Dearest Miss Leau -
thanks so very much for your recent words of wisdom and kindness. I'm back at home and life seems to have morphed to warp speed. I'll look forward to seeing your pics of the show!

Hugs - Jjjj

Allegra Smith said...

Hello darling, yes, at least all of them, even in little dosages if easier for you. I am dying to to see the entire show and I wish I could come down. I adore morning glories, the Heavenly blue in your photos are one of my favorites and this year I planted them with the beans to confuse the predators. I am not sure it worked but it looks beautiful out there. Hugs from here.

moongipsies said...

congrats.. but what's the 2nd job ???

Don't overwork yourself... and leave time for ART !!

Christina said...

Work sounds like it will be fun.

rebecca said...

welcome to a beautiful list of growing souls creating shrines for oaxaca streetchildren grassroots.

we are beginning to bloom as true blue as your morning glories!!


m. heart said...

I do wish I could see your show in person but I'll look forward to seeing your photos of it...