Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sign Sunday

Grace in small things:
1. Being surrounded by loveliness every morning as I walk to the bus, gorgeous sunrises and reflections in the clouds in the west.
2. Seeing people treated with dignity and respect.
3. Time with friends, old and new. The comfort in knowing things about old friends and learning about new friends and how much we all have in common.
4. The most amazing sunsets this fall.
5. A fabulously successful first show for an emerging artist..and the fact that it's over and I can go back to my life!

5 comments: said...

woo hoo!!! said...

awesome new banner too!

Chris said...

you know what?

i really am thankful for you!

of course, when I say thanks for Leather Lips, it could be taken two ways...

Christina said...

oh this is lovely.
such gratefulness~

Laurie said...

I too am thankful for you Leau!

Those signs are the you have to top them for the next "Sign Sunday"