Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring

He is having a grand time this spring and lets me know every morning

It was warm for 2 days and every tree in town busted out in bloom,
I am surprised that there aren't little trusses on all the branches from the effort

And how typical of New Mexico spring is this? Again this Saturday morning we woke to the traditional first day of spring blizzard, giant snowflakes and by noon, it was reduced to this...

Grace in small things:
1. Not even a jacket today!
2. A brand spanking new supply of PoGo paper for my shiny pink PoGo printer...I've been out of paper for 2 weeks! I bought all I could find on line...
3. Free pastry day at Starbucks tomorrow...chocolate donut here I come!
4. Friends willing to go to the movies at the same time but see different movies
5. A softness to the light and the air that can only mean spring. I am a happy girl!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful blooms, I have not found any yet.


Typical here as well....dancing around in the warmth for the past couple of days


6 -12" predicted starting at 5:00 tonight... said...

gorgeous photos... miss you oodles and oodles....

Allegra Smith said...

Where are you? I was so happy to see your comment in the middle of my sneezes - I was careful and they tell me I am not contagious by now although I feel like something Colette would have dragged in if she were allowed outside and I had a kleenex in front of my mouth but you made me smile and then I knew I will be alright. Love you sweetpea, let us know what you are doing.

Chris said...

WHERE have I been? I love that bird photo so much. Did you get a pastry? I wasn't going to go, but my boss went and felt like it was only right she got a free pastry even though she wasn't going to have it. Is that the best? I got a chocolate chip cookie. They hide those behind the counter until lunch, so she had to ask.

I thought I'd write more, but I was even boring myself.