Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 pictures aren't enough

I had the opportunity to be part of a tour of outside art/murals/mosaics/graffiti on the Albuquerque Trolley with the City of Albuquerque Public Art was AWESOME!

Thomas Christopher Haag

Unknown signage

Albert Rosales and crew at Revlis Gallery

Unknown signage

Thomas Christopher Haag and the Rainbow artist (sorry can't remember his name) the guy who has been doing the rainbow drip thingys off the side of buildings... Revlis Gallery

Thomas Christopher Haag - okay I really liked his stuff...and there were lots of them!

3rd in the triptych of Thomas Christopher Haag

Chip Thomas

Pocket of the first commissioned by the city

one of the triptych - Thomas Christopher Haag

Chris Strain

Chris Strain

larger image of Chris Strain

Jaque Fragua

Jaque Fragua with Lichiban

Jaque Fragua with Lichiban

Jaque Fragua with Lichiban


Albert Rosales and Friends

Not a mural but still amazing...right?

One of the first ones...using house is being restored

bigger image of the one above

still the same can see the degeneration because it is a west facing wall

unknown signage

Barelas Community Center - lead artist Francisco LeFebre

More Barelas Community Center

Full image from Barelas

Bernadette Vigil - this is a fresco

My seat mate on the trolley!


Gwen said...

these are marvelous! I love me some graffiti!

elaine said...

The "rainbow guy" is Earnest Doty. He used to run the CIRQ gallery, which is now Revlis Gallery. He does alot of street art around ABQ... crows, rainbow drips, etc.
I absolutely love his work.

m. heart said...

Fantastic — I didn't realize there was so much street art going in on ABQ!