Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remains of the Day...of the Dead

The traditional Muertos y Marigold Parade was held a week later than usual
That made it practically perfect in every way
We had more cool nights and warm days so the fall color that I had feared would never show...showed itself over and over and over....
It was time change Sunday so the parade ended just as the sun started to set
It my favorite parade yet...low riders and bikers and skeletons...oh my!
Many more schools and horses and even one horse with a heart on it's butt
Are they called butts on horses?
Any way it was honest and truly practically perfect in every way...
great day,
great company,
and even great food to end the evening...
in a restaurant where
a traveling group of Tango dancers made their way
after visiting several other establishments.
That's entertainment!
Go here to see the photo album of a few of the shots I took:
I guess we can move on to other holidays now...I guess...practically perfect I tell ya...


KoolKat said...

I guess "He's being a real horse's butt" works just as well, sure.

elaine said...

and a practically perfect post!!!

love ya

Allegra Smith said...

The two biker chicks and the fourth to the last shots are my favorites.
Nothing here in Portland, last year I was more attuned with the dia de los muertos. This year I ended telling someone that I would have to die to feel better. I guess that was close enough :)

Hugs from here, missing our chats.
Come to Portland. Seriously.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fabulous time and wonderful that you enjoyed a beautiful fall.

we spent dia de los muertos in San Miguel which was...magic