Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grace in small things...01-05-2011

It's been a really sucky day so it seemed important to find these:
A small fingernail sliver of a moon shining outside my window
Amazing shadows everywhere I looked this morning
Knowing that a life well lived, in a small and simple way, will always be celebrated by those that love her
There is comfort in routine and pleasure in breaking those routines
Knowing I am loved makes sucky days less miserable


moongipsies said...

you ARE loved... and I even have a prezzie for you :)

Christina said...

hello my friend!
and yes, you are loved.

Allegra Smith said...

You are loved. I love you and I miss you. Getting around a bit, just a bit but having to come here to tell you. There is grace in loving, and we both share it.

Hugs from here.

studioJudith said...

Oh my ... .
you must know that I feel better
just knowing that there exists
in this sucky world a spirit
as beautiful as Y O U .

big HUGS-

Allegra Smith said...

come and visit when the weather gets warmer. I miss our talks over the air - Comforting to think we see the same sky, sing to the same songs and
something as silly as distance cannot put a dent on the way I feel about you.

Love you and miss you and want to see you. Is that clear enough?

Stephanie said...

Just checking in...hope you are well

Allegra Smith said...

I keep seeing the light on but when I knock at the door, you are not answering.

I miss you. Where are you?

Stephanie said...

I heard from a little bird that you had a birthday...hope it was wonderful! and that you are well!

we were in your neighborhood (sort of) this past weekend, spend a long weekend in and about Taos.


Allegra Smith said...

Where are you? You are missed...

"Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved."

Then you should be insanely happy.