Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've been gone, now I'm back, for a little while anyway

I've been away from here for a year, flirted with Facebook...found it to be fickle friend and realized today that I missed writing here. And there have been some remarkable things lately that need to be shared. Grace in small things that needed to be I'm back for a while any way.

Grace in small things 05/31/2012
1. A white peacock at sunset
2. Tiny, sweet, amazing home grown strawberries that spoiled me for store bought
3. Seeing raccoon town!
4. A black dragonfly like I have never seen before
5. The sound of hand bells by an unlikely chorus


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back!

moongipsies said...


desert sooner said... this really you?? We have moved back to NM....Las Cruces. Would love to see you!

Linda, Louis, and Jenny

A.Smith said...

My white peacock still there, I am still here wondering where are you?
I miss you more than words could tell and I need you to tell me you are alright, that life is good to you and that love covers you like a warm blanket in winter.

I miss you, my dear, dear best friend that I have yet to hug.