Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Love New Mexico!!

El Nino presiding over the candy.
Fleet's Enemas and Jesus candles
The alter in the middle of the store. People leave and take cards and prayers. Been going on for years I'm told.
This was the Anniversary Alter from the owner to his wife of 54 years.
El Nino and piggy banks
Guad and Juan
Actual plants and what they are used for.
Great display!
Yes, that's black hollyhock just like in Georgia O'Keefe's painting.
Rubbing alcohol and saint candles

I mean where else can you find Fleet's Enemas and Jesus candles on the same shelf? These are images from a drug store here in town that says they have herbs and reliquaries. It was so fascinating I had to take pictures (some of the last from my valient little point and click camera which bit the dust yesterday!)
The old man who owns the store, B Ruppe Drugs, was just darling and the only help he had was a very talkative woman who kept insisting on sharing what ever was in the boxes she was opening! Herbs, not enemas. My Favorite is El Nino in front of the candy.
Do other places have drug stores with alters to whatever in the middle? Do they carry candy, cotton balls and saint statues? I think this is unique to here. We love our saints and aren't afraid to show them, in cars, bathtubs planted in the ground and even drug stores!


Regina said...

Yes! This store reminds me of an Indian food place here in town. How about a little toothpaste with your saffron and your paneer? And all presided over by Ganesh...

Stephanie said...

No!! No where else that I've been lucky enough to see! Love it!

The Indian food place sounds fantastic...want to go there too!!!

ElectricNomad said...

I love it! they are great pictures

Mary Tafoya said...

Leau -- where is B Ruppe Drugs located in ABQ? Tnx, Mary T. 8-)

Miss JJJ said...

So very Leau - so very Delightful!
Love these pics .... . and missed you this weekend - judith