Friday, January 9, 2009


The Foundation for a Better Life sends me a quote of the day... not randomly, but because I asked them to. Today's is:

"You are here for a purpose. There is no duplicate of you in the whole wide world. There never has been, there never will be. You were brought here now to fill a certain need. Take time to think that over." Lou Austin

And if that isn't enough pressure, I found out it is National Delurking Week! Yep, we are supposed to delurk and actually tell people we are reading their blogs. I'm guessing it is a made up holiday without any Hallmark cards or required presents except maybe your presence...but still the pressure is on! Thank god it is almost over and I only have to bear the pressure of trying to comply with a made up event for the rest of today and maybe some of tomorrow! So if you are feeling the same pressure, delurk here first! Stop by and say hi, it's me.
The photo has nothing to do with the post except I really liked it and you could read all kinds of things into it. The pressure of looking fashionable even at birth, the contrast of the office builidng and the baby shoes showing the pressure of trying to balance both. Summer vs winter? I just liked the tiny shoes in a car window with great shadows. What do you see? No pressure...

Grace in Small things:
1. Being able to see the moon again
2. New information that I can actually use
3. Egg salad that makes me think of summer days
4. Recognition
5. Always being able to laugh


Allegra Smith said...

When I come and read, I write. Otherwise, silence means I am absent. "Delurking Week" sounds like another Hallmark Holiday. I am with you there. Visiting is a pleasure not an obligation and the joyful chance of "wasting" time otherwise used in some other form. It is a bit like playing hooky from doing homework. It brings smiles, some times tears, always pleasure and the innate recognition that someone we like has something to say that we understand. You do that.

Christina said...

I see a person who is closely watching, his little girls growth. The steps from first shoes to sandals. I feel the pride. I also see the building's reflection in the window, maybe a medical building, for a check up for this little one.

One love. : )

paris parfait said...

Love the shoes and the shadows - and the photo and the quote! Yeah, I'm not a fan of these made-up holidays. If I visit, I say hello, unless I'm called away from the computer - then I come back later. And I'll always be back for you! xoxox

Chris said...

You know what? Sometimes it's nice to have secrets. Secret places we visit and read and look at, and leave in peace, and no one knows...

It's a harmless secret, and you can lurk any time you wish!