Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hobo signs

Yesterday as I was walking (in glorious 61 degree weather) I passed a house, just a regular house in my neighborhood. What makes it noteworthy is that the yard was filled with crows. Noisy, swooping, raucous crows. Filled, on the ground, in the trees, on the roof...filled.

As I took my camera out, most scattered but a few stayed to check me out and let me get close, but not close enough to see what the draw was. As they came back to the house (because apparently even I wasn't enough of a threat to keep them away) I watched quite a system of landing and taking off, watching and eating, and all of them generally working together.

I wondered how they knew about this house and that started me thinking about a tale my daddy used to tell about how the hobos would mark a house or area. The story goes that his house had a mark that told the hobos that his mom would feed them but to watch out for the old man! He had great memories of those who stopped to eat and the tales they told. So what kind of system must the crows have in place? Great gobs of them have been in my neighborhood the last few weeks so I've had plenty of time to watch them and make up stories of what they are telling each other and how they talk about us.

Then I started thinking (bad habit I've picked up, thinking all the time...) about the kind of "marks" we make so that we know where to stop and where to avoid for what ever reason. We make those marks at family and friends' houses or use their speed dial number or email addresses (or even visit their blogs) to know who we can trust. And we return there again and again to be nourished by them, to share and learn and while the relationship changes and grows or looses momentum it never stays the same. But what do you do if that relationship doesn't just fade away but you can no longer trust that person? How do you erase that mark in your mind/heart/soul that tells you this is someone you can rely on? I know there is an ebb and flow to life and friendships and that things change. But what happens when someone you thought you knew and could completely trust and then the trust was irrevocably broken? Letting go is the easy part, erasing that mark is the hard part. I don't have any answers, just questions. Maybe I should have kept walking and not let those silly crows lead me down this troublesome path. My friend Judith once said that when one door closes, another will open but that hallway is a bitch! I know it is who is with me in the hallway that makes me keep going to find that next open door. My word for 2009 is courage and the plan is that I will courageously march down that hallway... and check in with you as I go!

PS: And as for my high tech whiz bang choosing someone to get the wind horses, I called my sweet niece and asked her to pick out a number between 1 and 7 ( excluding Paula since she was already getting some as a New Year's prezzie) and she chose 6 so that means that Stephanie is the lucky winner! Please send me your address (again!) and I'll send you some wind horses to welcome in a glorious, expansive new year my friend!

PSS: My sweet son figured out what was causing all the problems with my blog and Internet Explorer so you should all be able to look at everything now and not crash...but I don't get to see the phase of the moon or read what Al had to say everyday! Oh well...

Grace in small things
1. Memories and reminders
2. Support of friends - no wait that is a very big thing
3. All shades of purple
4. Spending a gift certificate for art supplies - new things, things that had run out, things I wanted to try, yeah!
5. Sorting out the old to bring in the new


Stephanie said...

Leau...THank you!!! How lucky I am and can't wait to see the wild horses!

I love the idea that when one door closes another opens and how very appropriate to reality...that the hallways a bitch!!

Here's to walking down that hallway.


eb said...

Leau - sweet darling crow mother...
what a post - love it all
and you have the crow touch for sure
yes ebb and flow...
yes indeed
thank you
for this deLIGHTful visit
yes closing and opening doors
here as well

smooches back atcha...

xox - eb.

J Santa Fe said...

Ah, yes:
Courage is THE word.
My motto for many years --

Courage is grace under pressure.

(especially in those damn hallways!)

Judith de dweller of too many

Chris said...

Oh, it's SO difficult to understand, withstand, the changes in a friendship... what happens there? Were they ever there, or were they just a ghost?

courage is a great word for this year. It applies to so much. courage in the face of ones self is something i struggle with all the time!

very nice post, Leau!

paris parfait said...

Speaking of the hobo marks, there's a scene in Mad Men - which I finally saw on DVD, a year late - that addresses that issue. Great photos! And yes, COURAGE, sugar! Lucky Steph for winning those horses. Big hugs! xoxox

Paula Scott said...

OH, thanks, Dave for fixing that problem! I forgot to check in yesterday at your blog (since I had to use a different browser to open it), so I didn't see this CROW post! You'll have to read my post from today. Just know that I hadn't seen YOUR post when I did mine (insert the "Twilight Zone" music here)!
So, now I know where my crows are. They are at this house! Drinking margaritas, no doubt!
P.S. It's so nice to see a daddy story! I love those!
P.P.S. And, I love the making the mark connection. Although, I think the crows have one up on us on that one.

Paula Scott said...

P.P.P.S. (ist here such a thing?)
I LOVE the cool things you discovered how to do with the edges of the images! You go, girl!

Christina said...

How beautiful. I have been in that hallway, might still be there at times. It can be a long walk, but it is so worth it, when friends like you come along.

Courage to you, my friend. Courage. I love the thought of that.

Anonymous said...

so -- this whole post speaks to me. I am in the hallway ( so to speak) at the moment... and I am working on a set of prayer beads that employs HOBO signs. I actually had the idea quite awhile ago... but never got around to actually doing it. I am from a small town in PA, and my grandmother taught me about the HOBO signs when I was little.
Oh -- and the crows ! LOVE THEM !

Smooches Back ! -- elaine