Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waxing toward the new year

Grace in small things
1. That sliver of the moon
2. Finally figuring out directions that are really written in some kind of unknown language
3. The feel of handmade paper
4. Mail!
5. New books


paris parfait said...

Well, the moon and books are reason alone to cheer. And mail and handmade paper are fabulous. As for figuring how incomprehensible instructions? Priceless! Happy New Year, dearest Leau. Lots of joy ahead. xoxox

J Santa Fe said...

Leau,dear -- Of all the stuff of life I've walked away from ... only a few precious books have I ever longed for again. Not the houses, not the jewels, not the antiques & art.
All those "things" were appreciated and valued-- but only the books were true nourishment.
I'm feeling your image of the new moon is stirring a bit of artsy inspiration -- -I'll let you know what comes of it!

Christina said...

This is a wonderful list! Leau, did you say new books? ; )

Allegra Smith said...

Oh, I want to bite that sliver of the Moon and while savoring its silver taste forget about directions. I want to wonder about, so maybe I can learn patience, and then forget about patience and throw the directions written in some unknown language back into the box and for once forget about anything proper and dance under the waxing Moon. Naked. Where is the grace of all this? the naked part will never happen!