Sunday, December 14, 2008

Activity Light Number Three

First, my full moon picture. I couldn't get any shots the night of the 12th because of the clouds but bright and early Saturday morning, in between moaning about how sore my throat was, I took this shot out of my upstairs window. I leave the shades open so the moon light can shine in -too much sharing? I'll move on. And so in the freezing pre-dawn with the window open so there would be no screen print, I took about 40 pictures. This one is my favorite.

Don't ya just love it when kids screw up a phrase or word? Many years ago I was at a conference talking to some friends about the raging hormones we were observing in the teenagers we were watching doing their dance of puberty. A young girl was sitting with us listening to the conversation and chimed in with: " My mother is worried about those cursing Mormons that are after my brother too." So in our house cursing Mormons became the watch word for get out of the way. I'm rambling... The other night as I was cruising the net, I came across a blog (and sorry I didn't mark it and have no idea how I got it to, sorry I can't credit the source) where a mom was talking about her small child calling the Nativity scene the activity scene! The perfect combination of Advent and Nativity so that is how this post got named. And what I will be calling my little shrine to the season. Thanks kid!
And on to that activity information. Last week when I read about the 3rd week of Advent and realized there would be animals involved, I knew I knew I had to do something. My set only had one little sheep since 30 years ago that was the only animal I could figure out how to make out of clothes pins and Elmer's glue. I set out to make something resembling animals. I found the old set of clothes pins I made these out of (and you're right, I throw nothing away) and tried to figure out what to do. My inner crafter kicked in and I fashioned a donkey out of an ice wooden ice cream spoon and the legs (?) of 2 clothes pins and 2 more sheep out of the tops of the clothes pins I cut the legs off of. I used wool I had spun in the good old days and some left over felt.
Out of some wooden ice cream spoons (the kind wrapped in paper) and my trusty Dremel, I fashioned 4 birds. A dove, a raven, a sparrow and a blue bird. Not sure they are particularly biblical but why not, they are the ones I like. So here they are with the addition of a yellow candle. Still unlit. Soon...maybe...probably...but that is another story.
The third light of Advent
it is the light of beasts
The light of hope that we may see
in greatest and in least.

I have one of those sore throats that are wicked sore. The kind that makes your whole body cringe at the thought of swallowing. Not only do I have seasonal allergies, I get to have a holiday allergy as well! Yes, the dreaded poinsettia just about kills me and this week I had one to many poinsettia encounters. Having spent the last day and half sitting, sleeping and trying not to swallow or talk, sipping tea with lemon and honey, reading little gems on my tea bags, I finally feel like doing something besides wishing I didn't have to swallow to live and tired of my constant companion, the Neti Pot... so I am posting. Hope it makes some kind of sense. I hear the Neti Pot calling. And maybe, after, I will venture into food of some substance, like tomato soup. Well maybe not. Sounds thick.


Paula Scott said...

Hey, that Activity Scene looks great! Yes, the third Sunday of Advent speaks of Joy! and of the possibilities that lie within the smallest of things. Bigger is not always better.
I love your Acitivity Scene!
Go, inner crafter, go!
Hope that throat recovers from all that poinsetta exposure.

Allegra Smith said...

Ah those lovely Mondegreens, which I collect by the way. Them cursing Mormons are now proud members of the Motto Club. Things look lovely around your place and about that sore throat, old wives tales and some rest work for me. Hot water, lemon juice and salt, gargle with the potion (no, not poison) making sure the water is as warm as you can stand it. Then wrap your neck in some soft scarf and get a tall glass of very hot water with plenty of honey and the juice of one lemon. Drink it as fast as you can and go to bed. Either a good book or a nap would do the rest.

Feel better, I am going back to put up the tree. For the very first time in family history this year the tree wasn't even put on the stand the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Am I late? no, I am just plumb lazy and loading having to go up and down the ladder to fill the 12-foot monument to glitter. Give me back the Druids, they knew how to celebrate.