Sunday, December 7, 2008

New camera, looking for color, and Advent

Did I tell you I got a new camera? With a sharp learning curve? On my walk today as I gathered the things for the next venture into light with PeaSoup, I took pictures of anything I saw that was red. Why red? Everything else is gray and beige and tan and black around here, except for the glorious blue New Mexico sky. Whadda ya think?

Today is the second light of Advent. I gathered Cyprus, Salt Cedar, Rosemary and some holly and rose leaves.
The second light of Advent
it is the light of plants.
Plants reach up to the sun
and in the breezes, dance.


Eastside said...

Is it true than in New Mexico, there's 68 different words for "red"?

Stephanie said...

I think they are pretty finding specs of color in our gray/brown/dirty winter-ness.


Paula Scott said...

New camera? Know, I didn't know! I can so relate to that learning curve, though. I finally got to a point where I vowed to learn something new on it each week. Or, at least, often.
Love the red! Love the Advent posts too.
You sure you're not a CC?

Suse said...

Your advent table is like a little shrine. I love that you are incorporating colour into it.

Thank you for sharing your new tradition!

Suse (pea soup)

Christina said...

These photos are wonderful! I think you did an amazing job finding the vibrant color, red through your lens. I just posted on red.

Hmm...I am wondering what kind of camera you got.I love what you are seeing.


J Santa Fe said...

Love your R-E-D shots ... .
obviously having fun with that new camera ! JJJjj