Monday, December 29, 2008


So let me get this straight as the year ends, I get sunshine, a visit from lots of crows, new art supplies, new books, new jewelry, good company and AWARDS? I'm a lucky girl.
The beautiful Christina, she of amazing pictures, soft words, and soul connections has nominated my blog for not one but 2 awards! And I get to pass them on to others? Good times...good times.

Superior scribbler award
And the I love your blog award
I would like to pass these on to those whose scribbling and beauty touch my life on a regular basis..
First and foremost to my fairy blog mother, Tara, you have been tagged by so many and for good reason! Your encouragement to start my own blog and to keep writing has meant the world to me. And your smart, witty, colorful blog always makes my day. Nobody takes pictures of windows like you do sugar, nobody!
For my daily color and fabulous art fix everyday, I visit both Stephanie (who lives in the small town I went to high school in!!) and EB (I met her through Steph's blog) to absolutely wallow. Love them!
And superior scribbling? Check out my friend Paula who wrote a haiku for everyday in December to match her beautiful pictures! I know!
Chris's post this morning made me spit tea everywhere and while the spitting part isn't always the reaction I have, she always makes me smile!
Miss Allegra, not only has beautiful things to say on her blog, she leaves the best comments on mine...she has a way with words and how could you not love a blog whose tag line is "No drama, just blogging."
Many others come to mind that I read on a regular basis but if they have a sense of humor, great pictures and show some art, I return again and again. So I will add my friend Judith, always loved her art and now that she is blogging again, love her blog!
So now you guys get the opportunity to feel the love and share them with the blogs you love and all those superior scribblers in your blog worlds! Smooches.

1. Reconnecting with an old friend
2. Tofu, lemon grass and pickled ginger
3. Stores without poinsettias
4. Laughter
5. Those silly crows


Stephanie said...


Thank you thank very sweet and inspiring your words are to ME!

I appreciate the 'standing up and noticing'!!

I am able to visit here only with Firefox, not internet explorer....I so OFTEN have issues with that darn Bill Gates...

paris parfait said...

Leau, You richly deserve this recognition. I'm so happy you started blogging, so the whole world could learn about your art, your photos, your wit and your clever repartee and unique way of viewing the world - bathed in LIGHT! Thank you for the lovely honours here - what a treat! xoxox

eb said...

you sweet darling Leau!!!
thank you ever so much!
your comments and words
inspire me so very much
what fab company to be in...

as you may know
I am in the throes of moving
what a cathartic
and archeological event...

did you say crows???

much love to you sweet one!

and thank you so much for these honors...

xox - eb.

Allegra Smith said...

Hear, hear to all of the above. You are truly a joy to visit, to share and to learn from. Isn't it really a miracle that we twin souls have to meet in the ether and realize what a blessing it is to have things in common and to share the love of what we do? I am grateful for your friendship and humbled by the awards.

As a friend used to say about the good apples: it takes one to know one. Hugs and warm wishes for a wonderful and healthy, happy and creative 2009.

Raine K said...


Glad to see you're doing well - I've thought of you recently as the kids put up the ornaments you've made them and with every pointsettia I see.

Chris said...

Oh, thank you for such an honor! I love it when people spit while reading about my gel medium traumas!

I have to say, I tried three times to visit your blog today at work, but internet explorer would not let me. Now I'm home on my Mac and using firefox. I don't know why there's a difference, but I'm glad I finally got to check in. Thank you for your kind words.

I'm glad I found your blog...
Here's to a new year of reading it!

Paula Scott said...

Oh my! That's ALMOST like being a celebrity! I'd like to thank my mother, my husband and son...
Happily, I'm off to go visit the other recipient's of these awards.
Thank you, my dear friend! I am honored!

Christina said...

You deserve these awards. I am looking forward to visiting some of these other blogs. ; )

Congratulations, friend.