Friday, December 12, 2008

Why I chose this camera and how much fun am I having?

One moon appears everywhere in all bodies of water; the moons in all bodies of water are contained in one moon. This is a metaphor for one mind producing myriad things and myriad things producing one mind. This refers to dream illusions, flowers in the sky, half-seeming, half empty.


Look at that! I can take pictures of the moon, which has always been my goal. A few weeks ago, this the message left on my phone by my son. "Mom, I just looked up and thought of you, I can see the 2 planets and the sliver of the moon. I am sure you are out taking pictures of it." And night before last, he was at my door and we went out to look at the almost full moon and took turns taking pictures of it. How cool is that!! I am still learning about all those bells and whistles, but baby, I can take pictures of the moon! I am over the moon about that... and I (heart) the leaves in my tree and the drop of moisture in my sky. (click to enlarge)


Christina said...

Now, I am really curious. Honey, these are beautiful.

I love the moon, too.

; )

Paula Scott said...

Fun, huh? Awesome shots!
You still haven't disclosed (or did I miss it?) what kind of camera you got. Is it the Canon Rebel?

Stephanie said...

Great shots Leau! The heart in the leaves...perfect. Do you have a tripod that you use to get the moon shot?

Chris said...

Oh, wow, you are really doing that camera justice. That droplet! It's so serendipitous, too, because I just posted moon photos, and if you really want to see how awesome yours is, compare! Great work. I love that quote, too. Thank you for sharing this.