Sunday, April 18, 2010

Six Senses Sunday #4 - the purple edition

The most gorgeous purple every where I go
The Man Ray exhibit - very interesting but not what I expected..lots of work by his students as well as the African Art used in his work
Butterflies and robins every day's really spring!
Riding with the King...B.B. and Eric...yum
Less crow, more song birds
No more diesel tow truck in the middle of the night...the repo man moved!!! yippee skippee
The most amazing scallop and polenta dish..with crispy cheese and a jabanero corn salsa
Blue Bell Ice Cream!!!! The best ever and only available in limited area, fell in love with it in college in TX and haven't had it since, (unless I was in TX) but my lovelies, it's here now...too bad I can't really enjoy ice cream like I use to
Yummy Cajun food from a new restaurant in town...2 blocks from where I work...we went 3 times in the first week it was open, tastes "right" ya know?
An organic tomato from Mexico that was so good and tasty, I expected to hear my daddy's voice.
The softest shawl with beautiful swirly colors...from Target!
Pan pastels, I love how soft they are and how easily they blend
Cotton shirts and bare feet outside
Finally, the lilacs!! Every where and so fragrant now that the wind has subsided a bit
RAIN!! and a foggy morning with that smell you know means moisture
Wisteria has a fragrance all it's own and it is soooo intoxicating. As I was taking some of the pictures I felt kinda like Wimpy after hamburgers...I would follow it anywhere. We are calling it hysteria this year instead of wisteria...
Very excited that I have found ways to manipulate pictures from my shiny pink PoGo printer!! I KNOW!! How cool is that! Double exposures, altered with sanding, fire and acetone! Thanks to Traci Bunkers for the idea and the link!
Grateful for a break from the wind.
Disappointed in the Dia de los Muertos show was so junky! Nothing even remotely like the one last year that had tons of different kinds of things and real quality. I only purchased a couple of pairs of Milagros earrings and could hardly wait to get out of the building!

10 comments: said...

absolutely LOVE the photos.. and can't wait to play with the POGO!

sorry about the exhibits....want to talk with you about them

Chris said...

What a bummer about that show!

Isn't it COOL how purple flowers smell purple?!

Allegra Smith said...

Alright, lets try again and if this time blogger eats my comments again -third time this week - you will hear me scream all the way from there.

The photos are gorgeous, I absolutely love wisterias, next Spring when we build the sunroom number one priority which I already know is going to drive everyone cuckoo but the architect already knows about this, will be to save the wisteria that lives in the place now. Don't ask. I have already made up my mind and Barry knows and agrees with me, no sunroom if the wisteria cannot be saved. So call me Ishmael. Some things have an aura of divine grace and some plants in particular. To me that is one, it takes so long for it to bloom that it teaches one that patience has its own rewards and I did. So I will not betray her for another room in the house.

How are you? Too busy to write to friends? ;) Sending you love from here, you know Rebecca is coming to Portland, maybe that will entice you too? Just saying...

Stephanie said...

holy MOLY, that wisteria...I can almost smell the lilacs. None here yet...but HAPPY that your wind has calmed.

Allegra Smith said...

So, you are having such a great time away from the blog that no time for peeps...alright, I can live with that a bit longer. But if there is any other reason I hope to hear from you because I am beginning to worry and I don't want to worry about you.
I just want to love you a lot and smile every time I think of you. Hugs from here.

Allegra Smith said...

Where are you? Isn't it enough that I miss you much, now I need to worry too? Comeback, please? Are you alright? Tell me at least that you are fine, please? Love you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Stephanie said...

Hey Leau,
I saw your comment but did not get an email??

and could not find an email address...soooo

Yes! Son of Linda White (although I don't know his dad) Linda owns Cheese know..and my mom works there.

His bike designs are amazing AND he curated this show as well as having his bikes in it, how COOL!!

hope you're well!!


m. heart said...

Hi Leau,
Haven't heard from you in a while or seen any posts here so I wanted to check in and see if you're ok. Hopefully just busy and distracted, or else your computer is being disagreeable...

rebecca said...

oh please do come home to us!
you are greatly missed!


eb said...

dear one,
I love
every single thing
about you
and the way
you see
and share
the juiciest
and most poignant
bits of life...

xox - eb.