Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Suggestions welcome

This is a wonderful little California a New Mexico wind. Both the poppy and I were having a hard time staying upright. When I am walking I can find lots and lots of things to be grateful for..the warmth, the sun, the fact that I have 2 legs that work, I don't have to carry everything I own, I have the opportunity to buy good healthy food, wonderful friends support me, I have a great kid, no socks! But when the wind begins to blow.....ey..ey...ey... everything goes out of my head and I become a raving lunatic!
You can almost see this lovely lilac that I am sure would smell wonderful...if the wind wasn't beating the shit out of it. So if you have any suggestions about how to help me not fight the wind and yes, I know I can't win, or things that I should be grateful for when the wind blows...I'm all ears...


naveed ahmad khan said...

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Stephanie said...

well that last comment had to help....don't you love those random comments!

Hey, all you can do is go with the blow...right. I think wind makes people MAD, CRAZY...I like to stay indoors.

I am happily looking out upon just slow breezes and it is actually looking like spring!!

hang in there.
x..x said...

I don't think I have any suggestions... but the photos are fab!

Allegra Smith said...

Love of mine, either stay inside or create some kind of barrier for the plants. Clumping bamboo is a great way of taming the most miserable of all rabid winds. As the name says, clumping not spreading and it can be divided so you can make the grove as little or as wide as you want.

This coming week I will be posting some we bought and brought home Friday - you don't need to be as exuberant as we are, we got a twenty gallon pot of one and we needed Matthew to go get it because the Highlander won't be able to carry that size. Anyway,
the wind can do little to the bamboo, the sound of the leaves when they move is divine and so are your photos.

Are you going crazy with the wind?
Light wind I love, big winds when you (speaking about me here)are five two is another story.
Hugs from here.