Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mystery Solved!

At the fair, I fell in love with a print that I saw in the Hispanic Village. A lovely man tried his best his best to sell it or one like it to me and if I sold even one more necklace... When I told Raine about it, she said she though she had seen it in a store here in town and last weekend she bought it for me!! How's that for a fairy god mother? It is the most unusual print. When I found out who did it, I googled the artist, Octavio Ocampo and fell in love with his whole collection. Okay maybe not the Jesus (hanging on the cross or crying one) or the creepy Mona Lisa cat thing, but most of them. anyway. Don Quixote is my new favorite. And Jimmy Carter is really cool with the cities and builidings and James Dean done with cars, this guy rocks!
I have always loved optical illusions. Loved the hidden picture pages in Highlights. Can't really do those dots ones that look like something from one direction and then you can see others things when you squint or move it of whatever, but loved the way they were done.
His stuff really makes me think about the whole "we of me". I am pretty sure that is from a book I read in my misspent youth, or I may have made it up or heard it somewhere else. I think the book was called "Members of the Wedding" or something like that. I know, I know there is this great data base in the sky. That's where the Internet is, isn't it? Next door to Heaven? Or maybe it is heaven? OMG, geeks run heaven!! I knew it, that's why it is so hard for me to figure out important stuff. I digress.
I always think about the "we of me" when someone leaves my life for any reason. My friend Regina has this great quote on her blog about being sad when you loose your daddy 'cuz that's one less person that makes up who you are or something like that . It really made me think the first time I read it and I should remember who wrote it to make note here. I know, I know, google it, but then I would have to stop this train of thought and once the train stops these days, I am SOL at getting back on track. See, I digress.
I want to start thinking about the "we of me" with each encounter. Each person I meet should contribute something to who I am. It's that either a good example or horrible warning thing. But then would that make me too scattered? Can I actually learn something from each person I meet? If you look closely at the not so wonderful picture I took of my new wonderful print, you can see that each part of every feature of her face is made up of other people. I kept taking pictures because I wanted to be able to really share how interesting it is, but they still don't show everything. And I haven't added the glitter yet! I digress.
The eyes fascinate me the most. It is 2 different peasants and her chin is a pope giving her roses which become her lips. How often do others see others in us like that? Good or bad? Other than family resemblances? Close up or at a distance? But then would we all end up looking like something Picasso did? But that wouldn't be so bad would it? I digress.
But on the other hand, it could just be like the Chenille Sisters song -Pizza Deliverance- about finding the face of the virgin in a pizza (just another cheesy shrine) and having all the town and newspaper and reporters there and everyone being in awe until a little boy takes a bite and starts to share, there is a little bit of god (I say others) in us all.
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paris parfait said...

That is such an intriguing piece - I can see why you'd be thrilled to get it! And I like your "we of me" philosophy. Lots to think about and sadly, my cold medicine is making that difficult at the moment, so no witty repartee here. xo

AluapPaula said...

OM...that certainly is very unusual and lovely. I have heard of that artist, but not intimatley familiar with is work. But what a lovely example of Gestalt! Loved your digressions too!
The "we of me" is intriguing. A topic we should ponder more. As I get ready to depart my job of 10 years, I'm beginning to see the "me of we".

Regina (artsy_reg) said...

Leau - awesome picture. To me, the "we of me" is pretty simple: we're each a composite of the people we meet, are related to, or experience in some way throughout our life. I also think that we'll never know just how many people in our life we've touched, so we'd better do it gently!

Miss JJJ said...

Oh, My Dear Miss Leau -- - how wonderful to find your sweet comments on my little blog and ever MORE wonderful to find that you have your very own blog! Love this piece and that our dear Raine found it for you ... .