Sunday, October 7, 2007

Graveyards and condoms

What a great weekend I've had. Too much fun to not tell everyone about. Friday night we went to a wonderful event at the Factory on 5th. First Friday event with really cool artists and good friends. Saturday I took care of the babies so Raine and Chris could go up, up and away in a helicopter at the balloon fiesta. Raine and I then went to re-shoot some cemetery photos. We hit a few, accumulated more than our fair share of those awful goat head stickers, saw rabbits, prairie dogs, lizards and something that moved in the leaves so we moved! Graves decked out with boxing gloves and wrapped up in Dallas Cowboy memorabilia. Amazing wonderful and sooo very New Mexican. Some are sooo old and some were so loved.

But by far the weirdest one was the one in the middle of the subdivision. We went in the back way, up a very steep sandy hill, amazed at how the wrought iron fencing could stand upright on the hill and then at the top was this great old cemetery in the middle of a brand new subdivision. All of the houses had huge windows and they did have the most amazing view of the city across the river. That wasn't the weird part. There was this great mural on the wall with Jesus carrying a gang member who had a mallet in his hand - gang guy, not Jesus. Big roses on each side. That wasn't the weird part. There was a grave with a cage built all around it. That wasn't the weird part. The weird part how many used condoms there were all over the cemetery! I guess nothing says romance like headstones and painted Jesus looking down and the added thrill of knowing the people in the houses could see everything. Weird, weird weird.
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Molokai Girl said...

Now ya got my curiosity peaked! I may just have to go out there to see all of that weirdness. I was hoping you would post an image of the gang mural...just hoping...
The condom part is a bit bizarre.

paris parfait said...

Oh my that is weird - the condoms. Your photo is great. And the mural of the gang member carrying a mallet? So unusual. I like visiting old graveyards, with the ornate crosses and accessories. Modern ones, not so much.