Friday, October 19, 2007

Road Trip!!

Well my lovelies, the Colorado road trip has come and gone! Here are some of the high points.
We got stuck in the Balloon Fiesta traffic at 6 in the morning!
Beautiful sunrises
The best cemetery in Ojo Caliente, including the bunny Christ, we think that it may have been feathers but from a distance it looked like ears.
Beautiful route through Antonito where we saw the oldest church in Colorado and the coolest house ever made of aluminum cans and I picked up some purple glass in the parking lot of a funky apartment complex!
What a wonderful surprise Salida was, quaint, old, lovely scenery.
Waiting too long to eat causes you to eat weird things way too fast, where was Paula when we needed her?
Colorado needs to make their road signs clearer
Fort Collins changes every time I go and Colorado traffic is unbeliveable!
The Gorey DeTales exhibit is everything it is cracked up to be. It was fabulous and each piece was so different! I loved them all, couldn't choose a favorite.
Saturday night in a college town - not easy to find a parking space or a restaurant. We ended up with both and both were wonderful but took a while!
Rainy days in Boulder are great, made leaves stick to things they would be passed by on other days. Boulder hasn't changed as much as Fort Collins, still found haunts from my youth...ah Taj Majal at the Boulder Theater.
Fog makes everything look mystical.
Warm Brie with honey, rosemary, apples and strawberries is the best accompaniment to spicy eggplant soup with roasted red peppers.
Honey should be kept in separate compartments in the trunk, however, those heavy duty power washers at the car wash do get honey out of car mats.
Family is family... know what I mean?
Everything is prettier when you are on a road trip!


paris parfait said...

It looks and sounds like so much fun! The photos are fantastic! xo

Paula Scott said...

OOOOhhh! Those are wonderful! I don't remember you telling me about the Lord of Jesus house. Wow; that is too much! I think those are flames on Bunny Christ's head. I no longer feel bad about taking around 50 or so shots of leaves on the ground last weekend in Taos (even Mark gave me weird looks about that)! Kindred spirits we are!

Stephanie said...

What a great surprise!!! You have a blog! yay!!

Too bad I missed your trip through Colorado would have been fun to meet you somewhere along your journey....I'm off to check out more here!


ElectricNomad said...

It was nice talking to you yesterday and hearing about your trip :) It was also great finally having a proper introduction. Talk to you soon

Laurie said...

How fun to see our trip again! You took some great photos!

Let's go again! Soon! For longer next time!

Best lesson of the trip: What not to do with Honey but True Friends help Clean up our Messes. Who needs Pooh and Christopher Robin when you have Leah and Raine.