Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surprise trip

This is where I was last night. And what the sun set looks like when you are headed east.
And this is where I woke up this morning. I came to Bethesda and after working 11 hours today, these are my only pictures, except for the ones I took on 15 minute break at lunch time when I found the most wonderful store in the world. Or maybe I was just so glad to get out of a conference room that my mind is playing tricks on me. We'll see when I wake up and can think clearly enough to download the pictures. Thanks for stopping by!


Paula Scott said...

I hope you tell more about that shop in a future post! Hope the trip was great. I'm having trouble keeping track of where you are and when!
Loved the sunset...

Stephanie said...

Those biz trips are hard...ESPECIALLY that you travel so far and get only moments out of the hotel.

BUT, your little excurtion (sp??) looked wonderful, off to follow the links.

great plane/sunset shot!