Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is this thing on?

tap tap tap, is this thing on? ...
Is anyone out there?
I guess the real question is is anyone in here.

Thanks for all of the kind inquiries. I'm fine but
due to

unrelenting allergies,

intermittent internet access and

unfortunately returning to work for a crazy lady

I haven't been on line much.

But I did continue my daily lists and had I been posting, you would have learned of art in progress, amazing spring like days where I thought of dumping socks for the spring, the hope of a different job and finding a perfect place to eat lunch. They also included Kleenex with lotion and finding the winter jasmine in bloom. And these are the images that started and ended my day yesterday!

Grace in small things
1. Crocus!
2. Iris!
3. 8 robins in a tree
4. Crows on campus
5. Tomorrow's Friday..woo hoo!!!


Chris said...


Yellow like this is nice to start the day.

I hope you fair better with your allergies.

moongipsies said...

I completely understand. Allergies are a mess.
Best wishes on the job thing.. I would like to hear more about it.

In the meantime... SOOOOOOO glad to see you posting. Hope everything is going well.
love ya !

paris parfait said...

Glad to hear you're ok. I, too, suffer from allergies. So annoying. These images are beautiful. And yes, grace in small things. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Leau - you and your big heart! xoxox

Paula Scott said...

Back again! WHew...I ws starting to wonder but have had some distractions here. I'll E ya!

Christina said...

I missed you so much! : )