Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm the luckiest girl in the whole USA

That's me, wanky hair and all and let me tell you I think I am the luckest girl in the whole USA!! That might be a song and I would go look for it but I think it is sung by one of those twangy girls and I really couldn't stand that so I'll just keep saying it...I'm a lucky girl!!
First I won a raffle at the PowWow Days in April.
Then, I won a play pretty over at Tara's and
got a job and
insurance (how's that for luck!!).
Next came an offer to teach,
root beer floats for supper and
today I found out I won a prize on Nina's blog!!
I know!!
See I told you, luckiest girl in the whole USA!
So it's time I do that whole pay it forward thingy.
Gotta keep this going. So, here's the deal, leave a comment and I'll use my human random number generator (Hi Dawn!!) and have her pick 3 numbers.
Then, those lucky three will get to send me a picture of anyone they want.
For the first picked person, I'll make a piece of art, similar to the one above (only finished!!), with the stencil made from your picture...and I'll send you the stencil as well so you can use it in any art any way you want.
For the other lucky "pickees", I'll make stencils of the pictures for your spraying pleasure!
So are you in?
I'll leave it open until next Thursday 'cause Dawn is off cruising somewhere in the Caribbean and can't pick numbers 'till she gets back...
Jump on in, you too could be the luckiest girl (or boy) in the whole USA! I'm off to see if that knocking at my door is a man in a shiny suit with a big white could happen!


moongipsies said...

Would love to participate in your gifting !

And ...congrats on the teaching gig.. the job... everything.

The song was "Happiest Girl in the Whole USA" by Donna Fargo (yes, twang).

m. heart said...

I love hearing about positive things going on in the midst of much gloom and doom. If you're on a roll maybe you should play the lottery?!

Allegra Smith said...

He just asked me for directions.
The horse is gorgeous! And thank you, if anyone is blessed I am it for having you in my life. Hugs from here - birds and all/

Christina said...

Hugs to you, lucky girl!! And lucky for me you are teaching in Santa Fe!

Gwen said...

congrats on all of your good fortune! I would love to have you make a stencil of me, for me!

Paula said...

Oh please, oh please, let me be one of the lucky ones !!!!!!!!


I love the wanky hair....I've got a few from my past that could be runners up !!!!

Yes, my dear, you are one lucky gal. But I'm the lucky one because I get to say you are my friend.....that is the BEST luck of all.

Paula said...

OH! Oh! Oh!

I think I remember that song.....let me go look around....It was Charlie not......hummmm, now you've got me am I going to get any sleep !!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

or Ed never know!

Yay!! for all the great things coming your way and that you want to pay it forward.

Please put my name in that hat...

Chris said...

I tell you, when I saw that announcement on paris parfait a few days ago, trying to catch up and not nearly doing so, I was SO excited and happy that you are one of the teachers! WHAT a great experience!

congrats on the job and gifties and all! you deserve it!

barbara burkard said...

...late to the game...but blog surfing does blog down a day! lol..your stencil is wonderful...thinking someday i may figure them out to do...ah...but there is that blog surfing to have found your blog! have a great day!!! always looking to the positive...and sooner or later it can't get hubby has been laid off for 15 positive thinking is on our plate all the time!!