Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer nights

and the summer of eating beautifully ends in a sizzle...of hot oil. Yes, those are battered fried green beans...and sweet potato fries, but they are still vegetables!!

I believe I've mentioned before that I ride the bus. And the bus stop conversations crack me up. Tonight's went like this: " Move lady (me) I am really drunk and I need to sit down." I didn't move. "Lady either move or give me the $4 I need to get another 4 pack (I didn't even know they made 4 packs) of beer and I'll leave you alone." since I don't respond well to blackmail, threats or any conversations along these lines, I sat there, reading my book. He moved to the person sitting next to me and said the VERY same thing!

Grace in small things:
1. Leonard Cohen, Live in London
2. Levon Helms, Ramble at the Reiman Auditorium
3. Books by Elizabeth Berg
4. Iced coffee, even if it is decaf
5. Root beer floats and peanuts for supper


Chris said...


This freaks me out!

Allegra Smith said...

I am with Chris. Too many loonies out there and we are such a target. I guess you do give out good vibes and often those are confused with weakness.
Where was the driver during all this? Never mind. I know the answer. Be safe love, I would make sure to send love shields your way just in case. Hugs from here.

studioJudith said...

I'll go for the root beer float WITH
the sweet potato fries!
Divine Decadence.

As for the busCrazy: just another reason to NeverLeaveHome.
(I know, I know .. . . it's a bad attitude, but the world is getting too weird )

Miss Grumpy