Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Universe and randomness

Dawn is married to my nephew Andy and here she is with 2 of her 3 guys on a recent trip down here. My first boy friend's mother called herself my "mother-in-love" since we were so close and so I call Dawn my "niece-in-love" for the same reason. So much better than that whole in-law thing, right? She is also my random number generator 'cause I like talking to her way better than doing that online thingy. I called Dawn tonight to have her do her thing and she picked the numbers and we chatted and hung up.

I counted down the comments and found that Gwen was the lucky winner. I popped over to her blog to let her know and the title of it is Helen Louise Thompson. Which kinda gave me a start...since my mother's name was Helen Louise. Nothing random here folks, the Universe knows what it is And what a great picture of her mother! Gwen, you can send me any photo and your address at leau_phillips at yahoo dot com

The next winner of a stencil is Paula Snyder, my new friend and glass grave yard buddy who works down the street from my new job...randomness? You decide and check out the links she has posted for some really great inspiration from some New Mexican artists and a couple of guys from other places that are pretty amazing as well. So send me a picture sugar, and then you can come by to pick up your stencil!

And finally my darling Dawn picked Allegra's comment. My colorful, thoughtful friend who makes violet cocktails! How perfect is that! I know!! We must be related. My "friend-in-love"?...well, maybe not since the law has nothing to do with why Allegra and I are friends! Allegra, send me the photo you want me to make a stencil of and your address I'll get it off to you.

Keep watching here for glances into the upcoming Number 9, Number 9, Number 9 show!

PS: when I called Dawn back to tell her the whole Helen Louise connection, she told me that the "volunteer" okra plant is back in her yard this year. It popped up last was my sister's favorite sister died in April of last year. Random? I think not!


Paula said...

Leau ~ I am also the luckiest girl in the whole world......

My mother (who until last winter had banned me from the family and said I was not her daughter) has begun coming around (emotionally, physically.....what the h). She called last night to ask if they could drive down from Denver to visit the weekend after next....of course I said yes.....kind of scary actually.....but bottom line is she has a ton of old photos and I want to see if she will bring them down so I can maybe find something among the family archives that would make a good stencil.......

Oh Leau, I love you !!!!!!!

I'll call you over the weekend, lets schedule something for the lunch hour next week....I can bring a picnic for us !!!!!

moongipsies said...

awesome results!
congrats to everyone ...

Allegra Smith said...

Darling, I tried three times to leave a thank you! from the bottom of my heart - first time I have ever won anything and I didn't even know I was supposed to ;) - and blogger fainted away all three times.

I will dig a favorite photo for you to work your magic. Hugs from here.

Stephanie said...

all these synchronicities!!!

I can't wait to see the stencils you'll share, yes?

and..the Number 9 show...on Sept 9th this year??

Christina said...

oh i love this! Congrats to Allegra!

Allegra Smith said...

Love, every time you stop by you bring a smile and a sense of "I want to sit down with you and share". Honestly. I see you are going to do the shrines, so am I. Took me forever to find the right boxes but I did find them and I told Rebecca that I am so glad I can do it this year.

I will find the photo and I will send it to you with my love as soon as things calm down a bit around here. Now off to say thank you to Christina for the sweet thought.

Hugs from here,