Saturday, November 1, 2008

And now for some New Mexico Dia de los Muertos

The Tome Gallery just south of Albuquerque in ah... Tome, is a lovely cooperative gallery and they hosted a Dia de Los Muertos show reception last Sunday. It was great fun to see all of the interpretations of this great traditional holiday. I was in hog heaven, or should I say, skull heaven! There were painted ones,

quilted ones

plastic milk carton ones,

Shrinky dink ones,

Felted ones,

Fused glass ones

Pottery ones,

This fabulous altar all made out of glass, yes each and every one of the marigolds, bones, skulls, food everything was individually made out of glass!!

Some etched on copper,

And a really cool ofrenda that had been put together by a welder.

There was also a "make and take" station for the kids. I'm telling you, I'm not going to parties any more that don't have a crafts table. It's the best ever! The kids could choose to make jewelry out of beads or shrinky dink plastic. Pati had circles cut and holes punched and made some great templates with all kinds of Halloween and Day O'Dead choices, but most of these kids were only interested in making Obama jewelry! It was great, they made buttons and necklaces and earrings and anything else they could think of with the Obama logo or just Obama on them. They pretty much used up all of the red and blue markers. Can you tell they were at the rally in Albuquerque the day before? It was wonderful to see.
Gobama or as they say in Louisiana, Geauxbama!! And Go Vote, too!!!
Tomorrow? The show at the South Broadway Cultural Center (I have a piece in this show!!) and the Marigold Parade this year called the Recession Procession.
And...Dia de la Bloglandia..right here and all over the place. Watch for the links to have a mighty fine time traveling around the globe to see all the different ways people celebrate.


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glorv1 said...

That was great. I posted mine early as well.Tomorrow will be busy day for us. Those are all great paintings. Thank you so much for sharing.

Paula Scott said...

Green with envy that I couldn't be there in Tome too! Thanks for taking the pics and posting them. What a lovely way to 'travel'! Not as good as doing it in the flesh, but much better not not experiencing it at any level!

Sacred Yoli said...

Great blog! Oh I am soooo digging on those felted Muertitos!
(I am on my Bloglandia Journey)