Thursday, November 13, 2008

Only in New Mexico?

Is it my imagination or is this saint holding a ciggie and a flask? As well as a sporty price tag as a bracelet? Cool.


Stephanie said...

wonderful characters...we're off to Mexico, to drink it all in....

paris parfait said...

It does look like a ciggie and a fla flask! Whatever next??!! xo

Allegra Smith said...

Well if he isn't I am Marie of Romania. And don't call me Marie!!

He is. Actually it is not all that unusual for the Catholic Church to "borrow" from the native customs and incorporate them into their own rituals.

Proof of that is how the people from Africa "transferred" the
Yorùbá deities into the Catholic ones, thus they attended Church and while the priest was happy believing they were converted into Catholicism, in actuality they were still worshiping the same deities from the Yorùbá Pantheon as they knew them in Africa.

Where all this ties in? Well, in order to communicate with the spirits, the priest or whoever was in charge of the Yorùbá rituals was encourage to drink and big cigars made of "sacred herbs" were smoked not only by the priest but by some of the acolytes as well.

So, here you have a santo who is obviously carved with more Yorùbá than Catholic tradition in mind. Clear as mud?