Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back on the job

I am reclaiming my title of sheriff of beauty, wonder and all things marvelous. Al, George and I have been spanning the globe. Only today it is words that I am in love with. Words written by my bloglandia friends near and far. Words about the wonder of correspondence. Words about the simple pleasures in life. Words sorting out what to do next and why blogging in important. Words celebrating a life well lived. Words about celebrating color, my favorite color, purple! Soulful words and the lack of words when the pictures are so precious. Words about nature and the love of it's surprises. Words about visiting home and some about welcoming a new puppy. Words in anticipation of a wedding. Everywhere I went today- the links are my side bar - were full of joyful experiences of every day life. Don't ya love it when that happens? Go, read, enjoy. Hope your day is full of simple pleasures.

Grace in small things:
1. tiny, tiny finches hoping about trying to take the last little scrap from each other
2. a hummingbird in my back yard
3. new blades for my stencil cutting pleasure
4. joyful anticipation
5.knowing my life is good


J Santa Fe said...

Wonderful Words from THE Sheriff!!

Do check out Vick Archers' words today:


Chris said...

You make me smile a bunch.
So, there!

moongipsies said...

and a great shot from the mural at Saggios !

Ren said...

Love ya!

I got your message. My phone was totally dead for two days. I'll give you a call tonight or tomorrow. :-)

Paula Scott said...

Words can mean so much. Even when it is just one word.
Hey, do you think you should Deputize some of us???

Leau said...

Well Paula, since you made the appointment to begin with...and I quote:"we should become the sheriffs of wonder, beauty and all thing marvelous" I think you can deputize anyone you want to and I also believe that self appointments count in this administration! Go for it!

Stephanie said...

Your words are uplifting to me!

Happy weekend to YOU!

moongipsies said...

I wanna be a deputeeee.... he he

vicki archer said...

Thank you for visiting French Essence and I can see that we were on the same page about blogging, xv.

paris parfait said...

Simple pleasures are always the best. xoxox