Friday, April 10, 2009

Tagging will not increase

But I do have a stash of spray paint and I'm ready to use it. Not from a distance, but up close and personal and in a group that spans the globe. Woo Hoo, I'm ready. Why? Because Mary Ann is going to TELL me how to do stuff. I am not good at reading and following directions. It's a processing problem. But problem solved...Mary Ann is going to SHOW me how to do all the cool stuff she does. And trust me I will be SHARING. I tried to call in sick, but my boss beat me to it so I'll dutifully sit at my desk and count the hours until I am home and spraying...and well, maybe tagging will increase...Mary Ann did say we should work BIG!


moongipsies said...

you lucky dog !

And I love tagger art.

DC art patrol said...

I know whatever you do will be better than Borf stuff. The Borf Brigade rented a building (excuse me, a "gallery") around the corner last year. They had a few shows, and the neighborhood was flooded with young white kids. It was a sight to behold!

They painted over the plywood boarding up the street level windows, and THAT was an improvement. But then they spray painted something stupid like "Borf Lives" on the virgin brick of this 100 year old building - sloppy white letters high up on the side, where it's hard to remove.

The photos I saw from one of their shows didn't appeal to me. From what I've seen (and read about) around town, a few followers have a slight sense of humor. But mostly, I think we've got a bunch of bored trustafarians posturing and advocating minor vandalism.

Go, Leau! Send me some photos I can display proudly, and we'll show these n'er-do-wells what guerilla painting is supposed to be.

More info at Artist Profile for Borf at Visual Resistance and Redefining Collectivity, Redefining Graffiti. To actually see some, search Flickr.

Paula said...

Wait.......yes it hear it !!


The sound of...yes....spray paint!

I've been watching the videos...OMG.

Been working on Spirit House Shrines and primitive dolls all weekend in hopes of winning over the NM Museum Shops buyers......any tips????

Paula Scott said...

Can't wait to see what you do with spray paint! I hope that you have a respirator or at least work downwind!
Oh, what fun!!

Allegra Smith said...

I want some! I am so sick and tired of people coming and going through the house with muddy feet and tools that if you hear a scream you will know where and from whom is coming to you. I rather be tagging, honestly.

Love, make sure to wear at least one of those ineffective but pseudo looking essential paper masks, at least your lips won't be a different color leather after playing. Hugs from here.

Stephanie said...

Please PLEASE share all the wonderful creations that will come out of those spray cans!

Chris said...

Isn't her class AWESOME?

Glad you're taking the journey with me!

paris parfait said...

Am looking forward to seeing your creation(s)! xoxox