Sunday, April 5, 2009

Need a Break?

Apparently I did, with out realizing it, I stayed out of Bloglandia for a whole week.
Maybe it was the mote in my sky,
or the fact that the sun was unplugged by accident.

Maybe it was the effort it took to stand upright when the wind was blowing 63 miles an hour. Anyway, here I am, excited for the class to start...
sorting my possibility clutter
and gathering more
and even more
and generally enjoying life.
I went to 3 galleries for First Friday.
Robert (I grabbed this from an email) was wonderful as always. You really need those 3-D glasses to appreciate all of these layers! Well, and they are just so cool to wear...
My new artist crush (one of my very favs from her web site) had some amazing new resin works as well as her wonderful, awe inspiring, over the top fabu encaustics and I got to see some great print work as well.
Life is good, just blowing by to fast...

Grace in small things
1. CBS Sunday morning's spotlight on graffiti in Paris
2. Calm breezes today...and periods of no wind at all
3. A bag full of spring colored ribbon
4. Punchanella..this stuff is seriously addicting!
5. Lilacs starting to bloom and fill the air with their fragrance


Allegra Smith said...

As always, lovely, fun, smile provoking and soul satisfying. No wonder I miss you when you are not around. Hugs from here,


Stephanie said...

Thank you for the Monday morning smiles!!

Please share EVERYTHING you all are creating in the coming class, I know it's going to be amazing..


Paula Scott said...

What is punchnella (don't know if I spelled it right here)??
Anyway, I feel the need to track some down if you feel it is addicting!

Christina said...

I missed the piece on graffiti in Paris. Dang.

I missed you more.

Love ya!

Chris said...

You make me laff! HA!
the sun unplugged? The mote in the sky?

Here's the deal: we all need a break sometimes. Over my week away from the computer, I actually managed to remember my partner's name. And how I like my coffee.

Nice encaustic link! I just saw someone make something that looks encausticky with gel mediume instead of wax! I said: you PHONY!!

(okay, not really. I actually said, boy, I'd like to do that because wax sometimes makes my head hurt)

Almost class time!!

paris parfait said...

Lovely spring, blooming with the aid of your astute observations, Leau. xoxox