Monday, March 30, 2009

A Borrowed Virgin

-------------------------photo by Elaine A. Russell
My friend, Elaine, found this lovely on her walk the other day and offered her for my last virgin-a- day post.
Elaine takes gorgeous photos and shares her daily life.
You should visit and see what she shares.
She wanted to help.
Tomorrow is the last day of the auction.
Please help if you can.


Paula Scott said...

Elaine does have a knack for finding things (like my cell phone at the Glass Graveyard)!
What a lovely, lovely V de Guap!
Can her location be revealed?

moongipsies said...

Thank you Leau. I am honored and grateful for your post.
love ya !

moongipsies said...

ah.. the statue is in my neighborhood on the westside of ABQ -- I can give you directions

Stephanie said...

Did you catch the title of one of the shrines...good that!

Paula said...

Really lovely. I think I met Elaine Russell at the Duke City Renegades group ((??????))

I noticed you are enrolled over at the Stencilry group......will be fun getting to know someone in my neighborhood for a change.

I'm also wondering if you are the person who taught the altered photo class a while back?????? Treating a ink jet photo like a water color.......was that you?

Paula said...

Also, I've heard of the glass graveyard but don't know where it is......would love to go there.

Allegra Smith said...

You and I have more in common than we think. The first thing I noticed was what I thought to be an AIDS ribbon on her left sleeve. Upon enlarging the photo whatever the red happens to be it is not an AIDS ribbon but the first impression was, "how lovely that someone thought of making a ribbon for her sleeve".

You, tomatoes. Me, ribbons. Oh my!
(I love the photo. Truly beautiful with or without ribbon)

Hugs from here.

Christina said...

This is beautiful! Ahh, the light. Gorgeous!