Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A virgin a day..with good reason

Blogger and I haven't been getting along for the past few days.
I've trying to post these images for the last few days.
Blogger saw it differently.
I am trying again because this is important.
Please go here and here and help. Auction ends March 31.


Stephanie said...

Thank Leau for this support!! Your image of the cracked virgin with her hands help open is so beautiful.

AND to come across the virgin in the tree, how great would that be!

rebecca brooks said...

oh thank you for sharing your support and virgins,
much love and gratitude from me,
and countless beautiful children.

DCnonvirgin said...

Some of the boxes in this auction are fascinating. I often shun religious art, especially in this genre because it's too easy for people to fall into pretentiousness instead of simply expressing themselves (or is that true of all genres?)

Anyway, once I figured out how to see the entire piece, I got hooked and had to look at them all.

My faves: Jill Berry, Lynn McCormick Bridges, Rebecca Brooks, Tess Vonfeldt Gross, Carol Kneiss, Lylia Hagerty, and A Ortiz. And yes, Stephanie Hilvitz too.

At ten percent of the total, that's well worthwhile. I know big craft stores must sell a hundred kinds of these little skeletons, but since I never go in those places, I won't be able to stop myself from trying to spot miniature skeletons everywhere.

I hope things pick up, because it doesn't look like they've raised much money so far. I certainly can't buy anything myself, but I've done the best I can to spread the word.

paris parfait said...

Wonderful images - and the virgin in the tree! Wow! And all for a good cause - even better! xoxox