Friday, March 27, 2009

Another virgin and a treasure

Look what followed me home from my walk yesterday.
I added it to my collection. It made me happy.
Don't forget to check out this auction to benefit these children.
The auction is only open until March 31.
grace in small things
1. not knowing if it was flowering trees or snowing coming down out side my window
2. finding out it was both!
3. dreaming of white hydrangeas
4. finishing my taxes!!!!
5. watching Fred Astaire dance in dove gray spats


Paula Scott said...

What's the story on the Robin's egg shells? How did they follow you home?? Tell me the story! Pretty please with sugah on it???

moongipsies said...

great photos !

J Santa Fe said...

Such excellent small things .. .
Robin's eggs and Fred Astaire :
true treasures!


Stephanie said...

A nest of beautiful broken eggs, wonderful!

and hey! thanks for the little shoutout skies, melting snow here...more in the forecast and all the tiny green things are singing!!

paris parfait said...

Wonderful robin's eggs and white hydrangeas - and snow mixing with falling blossoms! Sigh. Bliss. xoxox