Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wanna meet my neighbors?

No, not the evicted ones -the police have all of those pictures! But the ones that live that penthouse..(this was a few weeks ago) soon to be hidden by all of the most beautiful green. Click to enlarge and see what I saw yesterday...
Isn't he (she?) the most magnificent thing you've ever seen?
Right here in the middle of the city?
In a city park?
With all those noisy soccer players and kids flying kites?
Dogs running off leash?
On the way to the bus stop?

Yesterday as I was on my way to the library, I was " auditorily" accosted by the most amazing sound. I knew just what it was, hearing it for a few weeks now and began to search for the source. None of the above distractions were around so I knew it was directed at me. And it was unrelenting. Finally I found her (him?). And I swear, this Cooper's Hawk was directing me to take these pictures.
(s)he shouted,
this direction!
over here!
aren't I beautiful?
look at me!
look at me!

So I stood there, snapping pictures and getting closer little by little, knowing that if I missed this bus to the library, it would be another 50 minutes before the next bus.
Cooper stayed very still for a few minutes, stopped yelling at me and I got these shots. Not bad for how shaky I was trying to snap these without a tripod, holding my arms close to my body to try to steady the camera as I bent backwards to see him (her?). HawkWatch tells me that there about 40 pairs in the city that they track. Last year was the first they tracked them in my park.
I'm off to search for a hawk stencil to use in my new class!! Love this spring stuff...


m. heart said...


J Santa Fe said...

First eggs , now birds ( really BIG, beautiful birds!)
What a girl.
What a life.

We've had a pair of big Blue Mt. Jays'
building a nest .. . I hope they'll be polite -


Linda said...

Simply Stunning!

Allegra Smith said...

I call B.Loved to show him your amazing shots, after the dutifully "beautiful bird" "aren't they just gorgeous creatures" and the like, he asked "well, did she catch the bus?"

Did you? actually who cares? I probably would have just stood there looking until my neck hurt! Thank you love for this Sunday treat. For once I will say it: better than dark chocolate!

Paula Scott said...

How exciting!!!! It does seem like you were invited by him (her?) to take those shots!
Yowsa! How fun is that? Good job!
Hugs and smooches back at ya!

moongipsies said...

pretty sure that's the momma. We have a momma Cooper's hawk that will bring her young son to have lunch (eat pidgeons) in my yard. They are awesome.