Sunday, April 19, 2009

Know what this is?

Know what this is? A clear, calm day...finally!
Know what this is? a spray station in my backyard...finally!
Know what this is? Pure heaven!!!

I sprayed and
I sprayed and
I sprayed and
I sprayed some more and then
I sprayed and
I sprayed and
I sprayed and when I got tired,
I took pictures of what I sprayed! This is sooooo much fun, even if I am a week behind. I love learning something new and watching someone who is fearless when it comes to art and shares in such a fun way. You too can have this much fun, in fact, come on over, we'll spray together! Join all 125 of us spraying all over the place. And she has tips for all kinds of other stuff too. Fun, fun, fun...that's what this is!


m. heart said...

what?! i LOVE these!! i haven't even clicked the link yet, i just had to tell you immediately how great these are.

Linda said...

You did good girlfriend! Yahoo!! Glad you finally got out and thanks for sharing.

Fran Meneley said...

Hi Leau! Thanks for stopping my blog and commenting. I've been trying to find time to visit everyone and I'm so happy the weather cleared up this weekend for your wonderful experiments and class "work". I'm behind too! Haven't even peeked at this week's assignment. It really is fun, fun, fun! Love your layers and colors. Thanks for sharing and I'll check back. Fran

Stephanie said...

You lucky girls!! 125 happy spray painters!

Love all your lacy layered luscious goodness here...


Christina said...

Noooo! These are blowing my mind! I love these!

Chris said...

Man, oh man, I love these! And isn't the outside spray station great fun? I love it. I'm really truly working on my assignment. No, really.

I love your walk/run mask.


Paula said...

I've been trying like mad to make a moment for spraying. Now they are saying tomorrow we will have wind. Love your've really created some cool stuff. I love, love, love that bird......

eb said...

oh my...
is having
a whole lot
of fun...

xox- eb.