Sunday, May 10, 2009

Glazed memories

I called home one evening many years ago to ask my mother a question about something I was making. My dad answered the phone, a rare occasion since he was deaf. I said (shouted) Daddy, where is Mama?
Well, he said, Eb and Norma came by last night. You know Norma works at Dunkin' Donuts now? (see I come by it honestly...) and Norma told us all about what they do at the end of the evening when they are closing.
(I'm thinking, where is Mama? I need an answer!!)
And when your Mama heard that they throw out all of the doughnuts at the end of the day, she got upset.
Now not because it was wasteful mind you or that they could have gone into the compost (he was a Master Gardener) or given away.
No siree Bob, it's because she likes glazed donuts. She doesn't like many of the other kind, but the glazed ones, they are her favorite.
So she has had her mouth set for a glazed donut ever since Eb and Norma were here last night.
Daddy, where is Mama? I need to find out something.
He continues on about the different kinds of donuts he likes, pretty much all of them, especially if they have those sprinkle things on them and did I know they can make those sprinkles in just about any flavor? But maple donuts are good too. Did Dunkin' Donut make cake donuts like his mama used to, he wonders...
Daddy, I have to go, I am cooking, I'll call back later.
I thought you wanted to talk to your mama... YES!
Well, your mama has that sweet tooth and she's gone down to visit with Norma...and get herself a dozen glazed donuts.
Glazed donuts will always remind of my mother.
I don't have many good memories of her but at least I have about a dozen and they are glazed...
Here's wishing your Mother's day has a nice glaze to it.


Judith. Santa Fe said...

I really wanted to share some fond memories of my mom ... . I just don't have many either.
You found something lovely and sweet - where there was little.

My hat's off to YOU!


moongipsies said...

that was awesome.

Christina said...

This is exactly why I love you and this site. It's okay to be, just to be.

I love this story.

Me too, me too.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful post....a dozen good memories :)

Sometimes our relationships are tough ones, I know.


Allegra Smith said...
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Allegra Smith said...

My first comment looked completely garbled, what is with blogger tonight? Anyway, I am going to try again:

Well, I do have many nice memories of mine, but that maybe because she died when I was a child and my memories may be more wishful thinking than actual memories.

Romance over reality, or at least sprayed newspaper pages to make art, nobody could see what truly lives underneath and one makes the world a little more colorful if not more beautiful.

Hugs from here, sweetpea.

vintage moon studio said...

Hi - found you through a comment on Melissa's blog...your spray painting is awesome! Love the way you write... something about it speaks to me - Happy Birthday a bit late! Deb