Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Premium Birthday

When I was little, my birthday was not a big deal. I have one vague memory of a decorated cake but the decoration was a Mexican boy and a donkey so my guess is that is was a last minute grocery store purchase.
When I was 16, a tragedy happened to a family member and my mother asked that we not celebrate my birthday any more so that it wouldn't remind that person of what happened on my birthday.
When I was 18, I ate Mexican food, told my parents I was going to the movies and proceeded to go out with friends and get really drunk for the first and last time in my life. Not falling down, throwing up drunk but willing to pee in the parking lot drunk. Not something I ever forgot.
When I was 21, my birthday fell on Mother's Day so after the obligatory lunch with my mother, I went on a road trip with someone I loved and ended up spending a week with my sister. Turned out to be memorable.
When I was 30, I went camping to one of my favorite places on earth with one of my favorite people on earth and he even figured out how to bring ice cream! Turned out really memorable.
When I was 40, I got my first tattoo using money my mother gave me for my birthday. She told me not to get one...real rebel, eh? Permanent memory! My friends also gave a great party for me with a guy juggling fire and everything.
When I was 45, my friends gathered for a celebration of remarkable women and I made grown up goodie bags and loved every minute of it. I'll never forget it because it was 2 weeks before Donnie died.
When I was 50, I wouldn't let anyone do anything since it made me twice the age I thought I would live to be...never thought I would make it past 25! Not sure anyone else did either... Didn't want to push my luck. Another memorable birthday, if not hugely celebrated.
As of 8:41 am today, I am now closer to 60 than 50. Doesn't feel that different than 55. (And Dave said I didn't look a day over 55!!) Was more than a premium day. Found this great barn that had all these state fair ribbons from years past faded to this beautiful lace. Enjoyed my family and friends. Felt loved all day.
This choosing your "family" really works out better for me than the one I got at birth...with a few exceptions! Thanks for all the well wishes, I may do this again...but not for a year at least!
Grace in small things - twice as many!
1. Barns that haven't been torn down for progress
2. A fabulous camera
3. Tender gestures of love
4. Hearing from friends
5. A beautiful day
6. Window shopping that is better than buying
7. Other people's trash=treasures ready for an art project
8. Senses of humor
9. The comfort of memories
10. Bloglandia!!!


Judith. ..de Santa Fe said...

Chosen Family : Hear,Hear!

Happy Today - Tomorrow - Always ....


moongipsies said...

chosen families are the best.
And you are very loved.

Chris said...

Hey! Sweetie! Sorry this is late, but I wish you many happy returns of every day.
I know what you mean about family. Can I be part of your chosen family now?

Allegra Smith said...

Happy B-day sweetpea. As Queen of the Universe I hereby proclaim that from this B-day on we shall celebrate with much glee and gratitude your presence among us for the next 60 years.

May all your wishes come through not only today but everyday and if they don't for any reason, you just let me know.

A big b-day hug from here, with tons of happy wishes.

m. heart said...

happy birthday! chosen families are incredibly important, i agree.

Stephanie said...

Happy HAPPY birthday, I hope you celebrated...I feel you should always celebrate, birthday or not...

be good to yourself!


eb said...

such a wonderful post
I want to remember milestones
as you have here...
so poignant
and so generous of you
to share them
such potent memories
you are blessed
with a fine eye Leau
for detail and nuance
keep it coming...



every single day
that you breathe...

much love to you sweet friend

xox - eb.

eb said...

are you a taurus too?

xox - eb.

Paula said...

I've not been by here is a bit.....too busy thinking about, glass.......omg, Happy Birthday !!! Had I known, I'd have brought along some donuts !!! (or not....ha!)

The mother "thing" really resonates with me. Yep, been there, done that.

You are a sweet and tender soul and I count myself among the lucky who have wandered into your life and decided to stay.....

Christina said...

Ah yes, the chosen family. A choice handed to us by the gods, indeed. I would choose you love,but this you know.

Happy born day, my dear friend.

PS: Come on and email that snail mail addy, so we can get this non party, started. I want to send as many hugs as an envelope can hold.
: )

Paula Scott said...

I say you have far more memorable birthdays than I have ever had! How wonderful.
And, it's not over yet (the celebration).
Look for it in the mail.

Relyn said...

It is a very late wish, but I still wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and a year full of happy surprises.

paris parfait said...

Oh, I am late for your birthday. But I do have a prize for you! xoxox

paris parfait said...
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