Friday, January 1, 2010

Off to a good start

Happy New Year!
How could it not be a great year when it starts out like this?
My word for 2010 is explore.

Any ideas?


Stephanie said...

Once in a blue moon....what a very special time for us all.

May it bring light and love and peace.

steph said...

good word... I sense a roadtrip?

studioJudith said...

New Realities.

('cause the old ones suck!)


Chris said...

wow! fabulous photo!

How are you doing? My word for the year hasn't shown itself, yet. I know I want to READ.

(the word verification is
'chnis' When did the 'r' ask 'n' to take its place?!)

m. heart said...

Happy New Year! How about NYC! ;)