Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simply Happy

My soulful friend, Christina, over at Soul Aperture is blogging about the simple things. And inviting us to join in. Her lovely family will donate money for each blogger that joins in to aid Haiti. How could I not join the party! So here is my list...for today anyway!

Like the picture, the promise of spring, even when the sky is still gray...

A class! Where I learn a new skill! That requires power tools!

The morning greeting: "how you be?"

White chocolate, covered in white chocolate, surrounded by white chocolate.

Avocados and rice cakes for supper.

Hair ribbons...

Making Valentines.

Finding the next book in a series.

Crows directing sky traffic every morning with out fail...

The hawks returning to the park.

Jasmine tea

Wearing my favorite earrings

Leonard Cohen, sorry I had to include him again...

Baby aspirin

Plans to look forward to...

and comments from my friends!


Sherry said...

Oh what a lovely list!! Finding the next book in a series...oh that one is a real pleasure indeed!! And do you like white chocolate perhaps?!?! xo

studioJudith said...

I thought NOTHING could be better than white chocolate with white
chocolate ... .
a new class
with power tools!!!!
You are one (simply) LuckyGirl .... .

Jjj said...

love love love the list.

Course... (you know) I love white chocolate and classes with power tools :)


Cyndy said...

Hello, Leau, how you be? I am visiting you today in the wake of Christina's love. Thank you for sharing your simple list and for putting a smile on my face. Crows directing traffic ~ nice. Learning something new, really new ~ cool. Sharing and creating smiles ~ lovely.

winnsangels said...

One would wonder if you enjoy white chocolate. Yummm. Reminds me of my first encounter with it when Greg and I visited Hawaii about 27 years ago. Lovely memories.
Good for you with the power tools!
Great list.

Christina said...

hi sweetie pie!
white chocolate... yes indeed.
the next book...
your post is a warm hug to me.
i love you...
oh so much.

iasa said...

power tools rawk!

SE'LAH... said...

love a good book...and when you finish, finding the next one in the series is just natural, isn't it? ;)

love your list.

one love.

Relyn said...

Avocados for supper. YUM!! Isn't this idea of Christina's such fun? I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.

Stephanie said...

As I stare into our gray skies I hold your nest as a hope for spring!